The wild championship party continues! Alexander Barkov captivated fans in the colors of lions

Florida won the Stanley Cup the night before Tuesday, and the team’s championship celebrations continued in raucous fashion.

On Wednesday, Florida players rolled through the streets and domes of Fort Lauderdale with the Stanley Cup, but now the party has shifted to Miami.

Hockey fans who were in the same nightclub as the champion team posted happy group photos with the Florida players on social media. Fans were quick to draw attention to champion captain Alexander Fargo’s outfit.

Barkov was partying in a nightclub Zary Gurin Wearing a shirt named Lejonet.

– Is Sasha Barkov really wearing a Zari Curry shirt and celebrating in Miami? Who would have imagined A fan commented.

In a fan video, Barkov et Matthew Tkachuk They are celebrating with enthusiasm in the dance hall Eric Bridgecall me -To the tune of the song.

A photo by Getty Images shows an excited fan in the background of Alexander Barkov wearing a similar Lions jersey, but Barkov is not, so Barkov may have received the shirt from the fan.

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