The year has already turned in New Zealand and Australia – we're following New Year's celebrations around the world | Foreign countries

New Year celebrations have begun in the Pacific Islands. For example, the year has already changed in New Zealand and Australia.

This is how the New Year was celebrated in Australia's second largest city, Sydney.

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2024 will begin to change in some parts of the world. The first to celebrate the New Year in the afternoon were the islands of the Pacific Ocean, namely Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati. The year also changed in New Zealand in one afternoon Finnish time.

In Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics were shot into the sky in five minutes, according to news channel 1News and others.

Fireworks were launched from a height of 200-240 meters from the sky tower. According to 1News, Auckland's fireworks display is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

In Auckland, New Zealand, the change of year has already been celebrated.

Next, Australia should celebrate the change of year.

In Australia, eager New Year's revelers flock to the Sydney Harbor area several days in advance to get the best spots to watch the iconic fireworks, reports ABC News.

Sydney celebrated the New Year with no less than two fireworks displays near the famous Opera House: first at nine in the evening with a show aimed at families and again at midnight.

In this updated article, we follow the annual change around the world.

The year 2024 will be welcomed in Hawaii, USA, where the celebration begins at noon Finnish time on New Year's Day.

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