“They blow a bomb for their own fingers”

Timo Soinis, former president of Basic Finns, feels that certain people are now marginalized in Basic Finns.

The former president of Bruspinomanit says the unwritten rule is that the sitting representative should be the candidate if there is no known corruption or crime. Elle Laitla

Former president of Basic Finns Timo Sony The party's current MEP considers it unusual not to be accepted as a candidate for the next term.

Party Secretary of Basic Finns Harry Woorenpah The party government of Basic Finns said it did not accept the MEP Teuvo from Hakkarai As a candidate for the EU elections in June. Hakkarainane announced his candidacy.

– An unwritten rule in all parties is that a sitting representative is a candidate and not subject to membership votes. This, of course, in normal practice, involves no crime or some form of corruption. Soini says there is no such reference, nor is it in the public domain.

Shall we make room for the list?

According to Soin, Perussuomalaiset now refers to internal, secret causes.

– Such people cannot be secretive. It is only a matter of time if there is a real reason. Or is there some other reason to accommodate the listing, Soini ponders.

A few weeks ago, the soon-to-be president of the Republic was strange about Choi Alexander Stubb Interested in getting Teuvo Hakkarainen's recommendation.

– and apparently it was Even Becca Havistock was number one, Soini continues.

Based on Monday's news, Teuvo Hakkarainen's position in the starting lineup is in doubt. Henry grunted

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“After all, Tevo is colorful”

Soini feels that certain individuals like Hakkarainen are now marginalized in mainstream Finns.

Laura Huhtasari Excluded from everything. Soini describes the activities of basic Finns, excluding ex-member of the European Parliament, long-term member of parliament, voter and presidential candidate, and ministerial lists.

Hakkarainen was a Member of Parliament from 2011 to 2019 and was later elected as an MEP.

– Has self-esteem soared there that these old experienced powers are not appreciated? Or what's the matter? Are the men from the backwaters kept in the yard and the women from the backwoods? It's a bit confusing.

According to Choi, truth is a good thing because no matter how deep you dig into it, it will eventually break. According to Choi, there may be pressure from the grassroots fins industry to get justifications.

– Not one, not two, 20,000–30,000 such Tevos in the field. Of course, Tevo is colorful and has many types of toys. But at least as far as I know, nothing special has been exhibited recently.

“They explode a bomb”

Soini also ponders whether the underlying Finns' “labour” is to blame Mati Budkonen Retired and now cleaning brooms.

According to Choi, during his time, candidates were interviewed, and there were generally criteria for candidacy selection.

– It is very special that Hagar was not consulted in any way and no reasons were given. They put this bomb on their own fingers.

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