They spread a lot of scabies

Scabies can spread even if the carrier has no symptoms. Some people spread scabies very efficiently.

Scabies infections have increased significantly, for example to epidemic levels in the Helsinki area.

Scabies can be completely asymptomatic, says dermatologist, professor of dermatology, emerita Erna Snellman.

According to him, the absence of symptoms may be common.

– These asymptomatic carriers spread scabies unknowingly. Typically only those presenting to the clinic are symptomatic, although asymptomatic family members may be included. Thus, it is difficult to provide quantitative information about the number of scabies patients without itching symptoms. In receptions, ticks are found even in non-itchy family members.

Whether a scabies infection causes symptoms depends, among other things, on the person's resistance.

– In some people, the skin is thick, in which the scabs seem to reject, and the skin is not very visible to the untrained eye.

The severity of symptoms is individual. According to Snellman, sometimes symptoms can be so subtle that they go unnoticed.

– You may have to scratch your wrists a bit during the day, and for others, the itching is unbearable, especially at night.

Scabies infection can also be asymptomatic. Adobe Stock/AOP

Very attractive shape

When the immune system is low, such as in children, the elderly, or those using immunosuppressive drugs, scabies spreads recklessly in scabies called scabies. It may not itch much.

In it, karst spots of various sizes or a uniform scab-like rash appear on the limbs and body. According to Snellman, this rash can be mistaken for a common rash, leaving scabies untreated. Scabies is highly contagious.

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In atopic dermatitis, scabies may go unnoticed because the skin itches all the time anyway.

Buttons can reveal

The itching caused by scabies usually starts 3 to 6 weeks after infection.

In the initial stages, the skin is not itchy, but the scab is not visible. Slowly, as a result of scratching, tunnels dug by female ticks begin to appear, especially between the fingers, palms and wrists, and also on the soles of children. The itchy areas also become inflamed and the skin blisters.

What's the problem if it doesn't itch? With the naked eye, it is difficult to see the symptoms of scabies on asymptomatic skin.

– Sometimes a few passages, usually made by female ticks, can be found between the fingers or on the underside of the wrist. In men, scabies is usually marked by bumps that look like mosquito bites on the shaft of the penis or scrotum. These symptoms always appear even when other symptoms are not present.

Scabies can spread in its early stages with or without itching.

Scabies does not always itch. On the skin, the marks are usually between the fingers, wrists, front surface of the forearm, armpits, abdomen, ankles and genital areas. Ticks can mine the soles of children. Reader's photo

Communicate with the underlying patient

Snellman stresses that people who don't have symptoms don't need to go to the doctor to be sure, or start treating scabies themselves if no one in the family is itchy.

On the other hand, if any itching occurs, if you know that you have been in close contact with someone who has scabies, or if you know that your child has scabies at kindergarten or school, you should consult a doctor. Diagnose scabies.

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The general practitioner will usually identify the cause with the help of scoping from the tunnel dug by the tick. Dermatologists use a dermatoscope or dig out the tick to look at it under a microscope.

A doctor may prescribe ivermectin tablets to treat scabies. Sulfur Vaseline can also be used as a topical treatment. It is used continuously for three days and after a week the treatment is repeated in the same way.

A cream containing permethrin for scabies can be obtained without a prescription, but according to Snellman, it no longer works for many people because of drug resistance.

– Even asymptomatic family members should be treated at the same time to avoid re-infection.

In a family, scabies is effectively spread from one family member to another. Even if there are no symptoms, everything is treated. Adobe Stock/AOP


Scabies treatment

To treat scabies, you can get an over-the-counter cream that contains permethrin. Even if there seems to be resistance to the medicine, you can try it if you want.

A doctor-prescribed combination of permethrin cream and ivermectin tablets can also be used in treatment, but sulfur cream alone or in combination with ivermectin tablets is more effective.

After the first treatment for scabies, the scabies rash is treated with an ointment containing cortisone. It calms inflammation. You should also use a moisturizer.

Cleaning the apartment and washing linen and bedding at a temperature of 60 degrees is important during each treatment.

Post-itching and skin symptoms often last 2 to 4 weeks. This does not mean that scabies treatment has failed.

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However, if the scabies infection is severe, profuse, or inflamed, you should consult a doctor. If itching persists for more than a month after treatment, the doctor should evaluate the success of the treatment.

The cause of persistent itching in young children should be determined by a doctor.

For babies younger than 2 months, the doctor may prescribe 6% sulfur vaseline to treat scabies. The cream is applied for three consecutive nights and repeated after a week. For older children and adults, sulfur may be 10-20% depending on the availability of petroleum jelly.

Permethrin cream can be used from 2 months of age. For children, creams should also be applied to the scalp, avoiding the area around the mouth and eyes. Nails should be cut short.

Source: Dermatologist, Dermatology Professor, Emerita Erna SnelmA

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