This 911 Call Begins to Unravel the Dark Fate of a 4-Year-Old – Warning: Not for the Faint of Hearts

The content of the story and especially the emergency call will shock you.

The 4-year-old boy's tragic fate began to unfold on June 8 with a long and harrowing call to the emergency center.

The now 26-year-old called the emergency center from Randakaila in Joensuu on Thursday morning. It was 8:20. The man said he found a 4-year-old boy dead in his bed.

Iltalehti is releasing a portion of the 911 emergency call that lasted nearly 20 minutes and was made by the 4-year-old's stepmother. The story does not include the entire call, but parts of it. Editorial has changed the voices of the participants.

At times the crying mother also joined the chaotic call, and at some point the child's grandmother also arrived.

– I woke up in the morning with my girlfriend, the boy was unconscious in bed, he did not react to anything, the stepmother informed the emergency center.

– You must come fast.

The stepmother performed CPR

The officer on duty at the emergency station tried to instruct the parents to help the child in the chaotic situation.

Two nights before the child's death, the stepfather was enjoying a drug deal. Preliminary investigation material

During the emergency call, the stepmother wondered, among other things, how to know if the baby was breathing. He also told about the child's bad feeling and fever the previous night. Later, her stepmother told her about the burn she got in the shower.

The emergency center operator must direct the stepfather to the child and begin CPR.

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– You press now and focus on resuscitation, the emergency center had to instruct the stepmother, sometimes her concentration was shaken by resuscitation.

The intoxicated stepmother, who had been watching all night and dealing drugs, gave life to the little child while crying.

A shocking scene in a dark room

The child was found lifeless in her bed on Thursday, June 8. test file

Initially given the wrong address, the rescue team had trouble reaching the spot. Finally, a first aid unit went to see the 4-year-old's mother in front of the house and ask if she had called for help.

The mother led the rescuers to the door of the apartment building, but she did not enter the apartment.

Rescuers at the apartment were confronted with a shocking scene. A small child lay on the floor of the children's room in a chaotic and shameful apartment. The child's body had bruises and severe burns.

CPR efforts by the stepmother or rescuers were unsuccessful. The child had already died a few hours ago.

“Why is dad always teasing me”

From the burns and bruises it was immediately apparent that all was not well. The police registered a case of murder and arrested both the mother and father. In the preliminary investigation, more startling information about the fate of the child came to light.

The mother, now 22, went to the store on Wednesday evening, June 8, to buy beer for her sister and hay juice for her feverish child. Preliminary investigation material

A 4-year-old boy was mistreated for a long time. He was hastily evicted from the family's filthy home earlier that year. On the Monday before the death, the kindergarten became concerned about the child's large head injury.

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“Why does daddy always tease me,” the child asked the same day in kindergarten.

Early childhood education specialists called Child Protection the same day and the mother was asked about the injury. The boy, who was usually in care every weekday, no longer attended kindergarten.

The child died three days later.

“You always torture”

The prosecutor opined that the child's burns may have been caused by a steam mop. Preliminary investigation material

The medical examiner found the boy dead from burns. On Wednesday, June 7, the stepmother stayed to care for the drug-addicted boy. At that time, large and well-defined second-degree burns appeared on the child's face and chest.

– You torture it every time I'm away. Sick, Mom texted Dad on Wednesday.

The stepfather had told the mother that the baby's face was being rubbed too much and the skin was falling off. He used harsh language to describe how he bathed a young child.

According to experts, the father's claim about rain cannot be true. A shower does not cause such injuries. According to the prosecutor, a steam mop found in the home may have been the tool. However, no definite proof of steam mop was found.

39 degree fever

The mother asked her sister for child-friendly fever medicine on Wednesday evening. test file

As a result of the burns, the child developed a high fever, which the mother treated first with crushed adult painkillers and then with liquid Panadol.

The child, who had a fever of 39 degrees, was left in his own bed at night.

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According to the medical examiner, the child's internal injuries were also found, which could not have been caused by regular games of small children.


Although the shocking death of the child and the grievous injuries found on the young child are undeniable, it seems that the court did not consider the act to be premeditated murder.

The prosecution sought a verdict for first count of paternal murder, second count of aggravated manslaughter, and second count of aggravated assault and aggravated manslaughter.

The district court of North Karelia released the mother and stepfather from custody last Wednesday at the end of the last day of the murder trial. According to the court, there was no probable cause to suspect the two offenses as per the primary charge-sheet.

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