This diet is very effective in preventing type 2 diabetes

The more vegetables participants ate, the lower their risk of disease.

A new study confirms that people who follow a plant-based diet are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than others.

In Diabetes Care Journal Based on the published results, the more vegetables in his diet, the lower the risk of the participant developing diabetes.

Participants were followed for 22 years.

Report on Uutispalvelu Duodecim research.

According to the results, people who ate more vegetables and less meat had an 11-15 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who did not eat any vegetables.

The results confirm the benefits of a plant-based diet. However, it should be noted that even vegetarians can eat unhealthily, so not all diets automatically prevent diabetes.

Even with a family history of type 2 diabetes, several studies have shown that focusing on lifestyle can completely prevent or at least delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes, blood sugar rises due to the combined effect of genetic and environmental factors. Adobe Stock / AOP

Add fiber

In terms of diabetes risk, the most important things in the diet are adequate amounts of vegetables, fiber, soft vegetable fats instead of hard ones, and moderate use of salt.

Fiber improves the population of intestinal bacteria, slows the absorption of carbohydrates and binds fat and increases the secretion of the intestinal GLP-1 hormone, which is very important for the body’s sugar metabolism.

Fiber also helps control weight because it prolongs the feeling of satiety.

Along with maintaining a normal weight, regular exercise also reduces the risk of diabetes.

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According to researchers, we’ve previously mentioned that you can prevent type 2 diabetes by losing five percent of your weight, avoiding weight gain, eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Based on previous studies, a plant-based diet can prevent heart diseases and cancer. In addition to consuming vegetables, it is important to reduce the consumption of red meat and industrial meat products containing it.

12,000 middle-aged Americans participated in the study. 4,200 of them developed type 2 diabetes during follow-up.


Being overweight is the most important risk factor

  • About 400,000 people in Finland have type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Association estimates that, in addition, up to 100,000 Finns are unaware of it.
  • The number of patients in Finland grew rapidly in the early 2000s.
  • One in five men and almost one in three women have a reduced risk of developing the disease. A moderate risk means that one in five will develop the disease in the next ten years.
  • Type 2 diabetes usually begins in adulthood. Most often, the person suffering from it is overweight and has high blood pressure or a disorder in fat metabolism, i.e. metabolic syndrome.
  • The development of the disease is influenced by genetic and environmental factors.
  • Long-term stress, difficulty sleeping, and depression are associated with increased risk of the disease.

Source: Correct treatment recommendation: Type 2

A plant-based diet has many beneficial effects on health. Adobe Stock / AOP

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