This is how Christa and Tommy Pharmakoski’s relationship progressed

Krista and Tommy Pharmakoski got married in 2014.

Krista Pärmäkoski divorces her husband. Jussi Saarinen

Finnish cross-country skiing star Krista Pharmakoski, 33, said Sunday evening On InstagramThat she and her husband Tommi Pärmäkoski are different.

Barmakoski told Nice in 2018 that he got to know Tommy Barmakoski through mutual acquaintances.

– Our friends seem to recognize that we are a suitable match. Things progressed quickly after we got to know each other, Christa revealed on Me Nice.

The couple got engaged in 2013, and married in August 2014. At that time, Pärmäkoski, whose maiden name was Lähteenmäki, adopted her husband’s last name.

Home project

Among others, Tommy Pharmakoski, who coached F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, currently works for the Olympic Committee. Tomi Natri / AOP

Krista and Tommy Pharmakoski purchased a detached 1970s home in Courtenay in the first half of 2012. However, it was demolished to make way for the present register house.

– Official moisture damage is not measured in the home, but there are some problems with indoor air. Tommy and I had respiratory problems while we were there, the skier said in his birthday interview in December 2020.

They built a 180 square meter log house with a 30 square meter sauna building in the yard.

Christa Pharmakoski describes the log house, which is slated for completion in November 2021, as an “end-of-life investment space.”

Carla and Eind the dog

Krista and Tommy Pharmakoski’s family grew when they got a dog named Carla in 2012.

However, social and cheerful Carla passed from time to eternity on March 25, 2023.

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– It was very shocking and surprising.

Pharmakoskis acquired a new Nova Scotian retriever named Edwin in February.

– Memories come flooding back and I struggle with them. “Luckily, Edwin makes things easier and keeps me sane,” Barmakoski told IL in March.

Edwin the dog is also in sports with Krista Pharmakoski. Jussi Saarinen


Christa Pharmakoski said Tommy Pharmakoski was an important support and safety during his great playing career.

In an interview with Anna magazine in 2022, he said that Tommy Pharmakoski always knew how to choose his words correctly if the skier was having a hard time.

– Tommy always cheers me up and cheers me on. If I’m having a bad time or I’m having a hard time, I talk to him and explain the situation. Together we think about where things went wrong and how we can work to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. “The best thing is when he reminds me that I’m the only one who can lift me out of the swamp — and no one else,” Krista Pharmakoski said. Anna magazine.

Tommi Pärmäkoski has also worked as a fitness coach for skiers. Krista Pharmakoski says family dynamics change when a skier ends his career.

– However, I believe that everything will turn out well. Anna told the magazine that it is better for us to be together at home.

Krista Pharmakoski in 2020 stated that she wants to be a family mother in the future.

– In ten years, I won’t compete anymore. Then I hope to have children and be a family mother, but not a housewife.

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A couple of years later, he said, his childhood dreams were still running through his mind.

– He said then that others don’t need to know much about what we think about.

Tommi Pärmäkoski is currently the Olympic Committee’s Chief Sports Officer. He is a long-time physical trainer and has worked for SM League clubs such as Pelicans in Lahti and Tappara in Tampere.

Krista Pharmakoski said in June that her skiing career would continue.

Krista Pärmäkoski is a multi-prize medalist. Algal Leasma

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