This is how colleagues described the sergeant suspected of killing a taxi driver – the man who broke down in tears in court

The 20-year-old accused cried in court and apologized to the victim’s relatives.

  • Prosecutors are seeking an unconditional prison sentence for the 20-year-old Army sergeant for manslaughter and other crimes.
  • A drunken suicide man went to the barracks area at night and took a security force car. At high speed, he rammed into a taxi, killing its 54-year-old driver.
  • The accused has denied any intention to murder. The aim, he says, is to crash into “something” without harming bystanders. She broke down in tears in the courtroom.

On Saturday, March 9, the Armored Corps’ military police received a call early in the morning: a 20-year-old sergeant couldn’t find his keys and couldn’t get into his unit.

It was around 5 am. The military police officer who was the field commander decided to go to the place in person. On the spot, the sergeant apologized for the inconvenience. He showed his ID card and replied curtly, “As soldiers usually do.”

The sergeant said the division chief, first lieutenant and sergeant came to perform their assigned duties.

– At the time, there was a renovation training group and conscripts in the building in question, so it didn’t seem strange because there was shelter there at the time, the field manager later reflected in court.

The sergeant did not appear to be intoxicated, but when the field commander let the man into the unit, he smelled alcohol.

– I asked where he was from and he said he was at a tyhy event with a work group. He said that he was the driver of the task force at the beginning of the evening and that he had been drinking since then and that is why he smelled of alcohol. He also apologized to me for that.

According to the Field Manager, it is clear that the accused had shifted to the said section earlier. After he complained to the operator on duty and got his ID back, he started going through the doors.

– I whined [syytetylle], when you still have time at this point, you go to sleep as soon as possible. That was my last observation of this particular person,” recalled the field manager.

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Little did he know that a 20-year-old sergeant had come to the garrison early in the morning to look for weapons.

He told a colleague about his thoughts

In court, the sergeant apologized to the victim’s family. Jonas Allen

The March accident in Tampere was discussed in court on Tuesday. The young contract soldier is accused of murder and many other crimes.

The 20-year-old sergeant had been serving as a trainee in the Armored Corps stationed at Parolannammi in Hattula since July last year. His colleague described the man in court as eccentric.

– The person described that the personal chemistry might be a little different than others in the workplace, but we’re used to him.

On Friday, March 8, the eccentric sergeant missed shooting practice. According to his colleague, he is also not sure if he will be able to go to the cottage with his work team.

At the cottage, a 20-year-old youth, after drinking alcohol, told his colleague about his problem. He talked about his suicidal thoughts and the “near miss” that happened two weeks ago.

– I was very shocked, but I tried to keep the situation under control, I talked with him alone for a long time in the evening, said the colleague who testified in court.

After the conversation, the accused got excited and the group went to a bar in Hameenlinna at midnight.

– He assured me that nothing would happen, the colleague said.

“Stupid Backup Plan”

The accused was driving an SUV belonging to the security forces. Reader’s photo

The sergeant charged with the murder told the court that drinking alcohol at the bar aggravated the depression. He decided to take his own life.

Early in the morning, the man first went to his house where he kept the bullets he had taken from the security forces. There were 14 of them. He then went to the armored personnel carrier to pick up weapons.

The sergeant entered the unit, but did not grab the weapon.

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The 20-year-old felt he could no longer back down from his own plan. At night he went to the barracks area drunk and “burned bridges,” he said.

He took a security force car and decided to crash into something.

– It’s a very stupid advanced backup plan, the accused explained his solution.

He pushed the car

The man had left Parola at 5:23 am in a Toyota Hilux off-road vehicle belonging to the Defense Force, registered as a van. He headed towards the highway.

While driving on the road, he called his loved ones and also called the emergency center. He clearly told the operator what he was going to do.

– I am currently riding a 190-year-old motorcycle in a security force car, the young man told the emergency attendant.

Repeatedly saying that he did not want to hurt bystanders, he asked the police to put a concrete barricade on the road for him to crash into. Naturally, the request could not be accepted, but the man got the police after him.

The police field manager deputy contacted the intoxicated driver on the phone. During the call, the sergeant told police he had a gun.

– He said he would use a gun on outsiders if police stopped him on a spiked carpet, police told the court.

That is a lie. The person had no explosives other than bullets.

The sergeant told police he would drive until he hit something.

Taxi driver at the intersection

3D modeling of the accident. Police are the subject of preliminary investigation

The Lembalandi and Kukkamandi junction was quiet when the police patrol returned to the junction area. At the same time a taxi slowly braked and approached the junction.

It was followed by an SUV traveling at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and rammed into the back of the taxi at high speed. The 54-year-old driver of the taxi had no time to react to the situation in any way and died practically instantly from his injuries.

– This is a quick situation. There was no time to think about it, the policeman who witnessed the collision with the patrol car described.

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Upon impact, the SUV’s front tire flashed its blue lights and flew straight into a police car waiting at the intersection. The incident was recorded on the front camera of the police car and the footage was shown in court.

cried the accused

The taxi was in a bad condition after the accident. Reader’s photo

Prosecutors are seeking a 10-year sentence for the 20-year-old for manslaughter, aggravated drunken driving, traffic safety and other offences. The explanation of the phenomenon is undeniable. The accused has confessed to all the crimes except murder. He holds himself guilty of the gruesome murder.

According to the prosecutor, the man knew that the possible consequence of his actions was the death of another person. Before the collision, the car left the highway and entered a built-up area. The young sergeant told her several times that it was not his intention to kill anyone but himself.

– Finally, I would like to say that I can say and do whatever I want, but it does not change the fact that an innocent person died because of me. “I know my words mean nothing to those involved, but I want to say I’m sorry,” the penitent began to cry.

The lawyer is demanding that Sgt. be stripped of his military rank. The 20-year-old accused did not contest this.

In court, it was decided that the state of mind of the defendant could not be inquired into. The prosecutor saw no reason for the trial and did not argue.

– Accused’s assistant told the court that self-destruction was not a motive during the act.

The court will decide the case later.

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Iltalethi followed the course of the session on June 11, 2024 at the Birganma District Court in Tampere. In linked text tracking.

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