This is how the far-right riding on racism and anti-immigration came to power in France

On the evening of June 9, President Emmanuel Macron decided to dissolve parliament and call early general elections.

The result was due to the weak result of Macron’s Renaissance Party in the European Parliament elections and in particular the far-right Rallye Nationale (RN), which has become too large with around 40 percent support.

Macron thought he would get the French back on his side in parliamentary elections, but the opposite happened. The gamble backfired on the last day of June, in the first round of parliamentary elections, where the RN won about 33 percent of the vote.

In the 2022 parliamentary election, the RN won 18 percent of the vote in the first round, almost 15 percentage points less than a week ago.

On Sunday, the second round of the French general election will determine whether the RN wins enough support to form a majority government. This is the first time France has had a far-right government since the Nazi occupation of World War II.

According to polls, it seems Jordan Bartellon And Marine Le Benin Only the RN has a chance of getting a simple majority in the lower house of parliament. France has 577 constituencies, each electing one representative. A minimum of 289 delegates is required for a majority.

After the RN’s first-round victory in France, there has been a frenzied debate about electoral strategy among parties opposing the far-right.

The left-wing electoral coalition New People’s Front (NFP), which won the second-largest support in the first round with 28 percent, and Macron’s center-right Jasnes bloc, which came in third with 22 percent, agreed early. 200 for withdrawing candidates From the second round.

How did the far right become popular in France?

Emmanuel Macron voted with his wife Brigitte Macron in the first round of parliamentary elections on June 30. EPA/AOP

When Marine Le Pen became leader of the RN in 2011, the party was still called the Front National (FN).

FN was founded in 1972 by Marine’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. The elder Le Pen is remembered, among other things, for her anti-Semitic and racist stances. He said the Nazis Maybe they don’t use it The gas chambers to exterminate the Jews and the holocaust were considered merely “a detail of history”.

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After Marine Le Pen took power in the FN in 2011, she tried to attract new members while determined to steer her party away from the path her father had pointed out. Le Pen fired her father in 2015 over his anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi statements.

In 2018, the FN changed its name to the National Alliance as part of a rebranding.

Professor of French Literature and Culture at Stanford University Cécile Alduin By However, changing the party’s name did not alter the RN’s “anti-immigration” core message.

– No one should be fooled: RN remains as radical as ever, Alduin writes in the prestigious Foreign Affairs magazine.

The CNCDH, the French national human rights group, published the statement at the end of June Researchwhich By Racist attacks in France rose by 32 percent last year.

According to the report, 56 percent of respondents believe there are too many immigrants in France. Additionally, the survey showed that 54 percent of RN supporters and a quarter of conservative republican supporters described themselves as racist.

43 percent of respondents to the survey were French believesThat insecurity is mainly due to immigration, while 83 percent of RN supporters believe the same.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was expelled from the party called National Front by Marine Le Pen. Photo taken in May 2015. AOP

The RN has now crushed Macron’s centrist liberals twice in a matter of weeks.

In addition to racism and anti-immigration, the RN’s popularity is explained by the clearly changed political landscape in France over the past decade, with traditional centre-right and centre-left parties largely losing their relevance.

French socialists in particular lost their positions François Hollande Served as President from 2012-2017. By the end of his term, Hollande was largely unpopular Involved in corruption and scams A politician running for a second term. The Socialists are not even the largest party in the left-wing electoral coalition NFP, as far-left Inflexible France gathered more support in the first round of parliamentary elections on June 30.

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The French far-right Republican Party last ruled the country in 2007 under President Nicolas Sarkozy. Republicans won 6.5 percent of the vote last Sunday.

Support from traditional parties led to the rise to power of Emmanuel Macron and his neo-centrist liberal movement in 2017.

However, Macron has already lost his majority in parliament in the 2022 election, but the policy direction has not changed. He cold-bloodedly introduced highly unpopular reforms such as raising the retirement age. Not successful In addressing the concerns of anti-immigration voters.

According to an Ipsos survey conducted in the first round of parliamentary elections, the RN is mainly voted by over-50s and men, but support is also high among younger voters.

In addition to immigration, the French worry about rising energy and food prices and a sense of insecurity due to rising crime.

Disability Pensioner Corinne58, the TV channel said France 3:N Why vote for RN in interview.

– I already voted for (François) Mitterrand for the left, but the left focuses only on social issues and does more for foreigners, says a woman living in a suburb of Nancy in northeastern France.

Ahead of the runoff, Corinne is particularly concerned about immigration, insecurity and affordability.

– For me, the RN is not extreme right, it is the party of French values.

Lives in a small village in the Lorraine region Eric59, said his vote would go to the RN.

– We tried right and left, but they betrayed us and lied. Macron has let France down, opines one working in the car industry.

Eric also expressed concern about “over-immigration” and increased insecurity in France.

– He explained that not all foreigners are bad, but we must put the French first.

A street vendor sells his fruit in Paris on July 4, with election ads from the left-wing electoral association Uzi Kansanrindama behind him. EPA/AOP

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Part of the RN’s rise can be traced to its prime ministerial candidate, Jordan Bartella, who quickly became a popular politician for his outspokenness.

Marine Le Pen nominated Bartella, 28, to lead her party in autumn 2022. Bartella has accused Macron of neglecting the rural population in favor of the urban population, and is considered a great actor and speaker. Bardella spoke several times during the election campaign, particularly about the disparity in Social Security between immigrants and regular people.

Bardella has said he wants to ban French people with dual citizenship from holding strategic government positions. Called by They are “half-citizens”.

Barthella has said that if he becomes prime minister, he will withdraw the wealth tax and reduce the value-added tax on energy and fuels. Bardella, on the other hand, has repeatedly changed his mind about canceling Macron’s unpopular pension reform.

Bardella is in the final days of campaigning ahead of Sunday’s decisive vote Desired The question is seriously whether he’ll be there or left in the second round Jean-Luc Melanconista Prime Minister

France’s irrepressible party leader, Mélenchon, has often made headlines trembled With his anti-Semitic statements, he and the other candidates of the Left Alliance were allowed to explain several times.

Known as a good actor, Jordan Bartella participated in a talk show on France 2 TV channel on July 4th. AOP

Academy researcher Timo Mittinen He previously commented to Iltalehti that even if the RN becomes the prime minister’s party, it will not fulfill all its promises. Instead, the goal is to appear manageable and pave the way for Le Pen in view of the 2027 presidential election.

One thing is clear, however: On Sunday, regardless of the outcome of the election, France will enter a new political era.

The rise of the RN has changed the French political landscape forever, and the party’s victory is a sign of a profound social change, the effects of which will be felt for a long time.

In April 2022, Macron’s election victory was celebrated in France. Only leftist

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