This is the most expensive food section of summer clubs

A lot of voluntary changes are needed to make summer clubs work.

  • Summer clubs are very busy.
  • A large amount of food is reserved for the large number of visitors.
  • Helle poses challenges to health care.

It’s that time of year again, when large numbers of Oldhollyslestadians congregate at summer clubs.

This year, the grand event will take place in Budasjärvi in ​​Northern Ostrobothnia.

– This is a great event for all construction works, because about a thousand people build it. About 9,000 jobs are done before the event and about 14,000 during the event, says the head of the summer clubs’ maintenance department. Jirki Kempinen.

The work is done almost entirely by volunteers.

– The most important thing in such an event is the exchange of information from previous events. Operating models are well documented and are always transferable to the next volunteer organization.

– The construction and preparatory work of the area has already started halfway through last year. In addition to the cleaning work, contractors and procurement services have been used for this, Kempainen says.

Summer Clubs estimates that around 76,000 people will visit the event. The rating is based on the number of mobile homes and wagons that can be seen as far as the eye can see at Budesjarvi Airport.

There is a lot of meaning

Jirgi Kempäinen manages the food distribution of the summer clubs. Riku Isokoski

In earlier years, a stadium was sufficient for the area of ​​summer clubs, but due to the increase in population in recent years, an airport had to be allocated to the area. It is also done in Budesjarvi.

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In 2027 and 2030 summer clubs will also be organized at the same location, so permanent structures have been made in the area.

– After the summer clubs, the area will be in better condition and used for other uses.

Kempäinen compares to 2013, the last time summer clubs were held in Putesjärvi. According to him, the area in 2013 will not be enough for the population this year.

– This year, a special focus in relation to the field is wastewater treatment. All wastewater goes forward after treatment, Kempainen notes.

The crowd is prepared with about 80,000 sausages and about 380,000 ice creams for the children to share.

The story continues after the film.

Here is the food price list for this year’s event. Riku Isokoski

According to Kempinen, pizzas and paninis in particular have increased their share of sales all the time.

– The basic idea is to create a service level where you don’t have to leave the area for a few days. For example, if such services are not available here, we will cause a huge traffic jam.

Among the dishes sold at summer clubs, salmon soup costs 5.50 euros, spaghetti 5 euros, rice porridge 4 euros and a slice of pizza 3.50 euros. Salmon soup is the most expensive dish sold at summer clubs on the price list.

Hell is busy

The number of people in the event area of ​​summer clubs is almost endless. Riku Isokoski

At summer clubs this year, the heat is a challenge. For example, the temperature at the airport on Friday was almost 30 degrees.

Chairman of Health Committee of Summer Clubs Nilo Kerenen Says fainting is not caused by heat.

– In the afternoon, elderly people mainly experienced tiredness and fatigue. No more dehydrated children.

By Friday, four people had to be taken to hospital for more detailed tests.

– One had a serious injury that required x-rays. Then if we suspect a heart-related disease, we also go to the hospital.

The summer clubs have a large medical and therapeutic department, while three doctors are on duty. According to Keränen, the summer clubs have a total of 42 doctors.

Not all mobile homes even fit in an actual airport area.

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