This man is a barbed wire for Vladimir Putin – arrest speech in Helsinki

One of Putin's most famous opponents reminded him of the importance of voting in the Russian presidential election.

The former oligarchy Mikhail Khodorkovsky He delivered a rousing speech in Helsinki on Sunday. Khodorkovsky is one of the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin Most popular enemies.

– Dear friends, it is very nice to see you here, he began.

– We are now talking about two years since the start of the war of aggression against Russia.

According to Khodorkovsky, two related nations face each other at war.

– Putin started a war in which two peoples, relatives, face each other. People are related to each other, they are on different sides of the front. Millions have fallen, millions have been injured, people's properties have been destroyed.

– This is the fourth time Putin has launched a war of aggression during his own term. Why did he do this? He has done this to stimulate his own power.

“Say No to the Ballot Box”

Khodorkovsky is one of Putin's most prominent critics. Johnny Korbela

Khodorkovsky reminded that Putin is not like Russia and Russians.

– Half of the Russians are against the war, he said, despite threats of imprisonment and other unpleasant things in Russia.

Khodorkovsky, among others, refers to a recent report by the Russian Field Opinion Research Center By 48 percent of Russians say peace talks should begin with Ukraine. According to 39 percent, Russia should go on the offensive.

Studies of Russians' attitudes toward war of aggression during the war have yielded mixed results. However, their credibility is being questioned, among others, due to citizens' fear of retribution.

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In the 1990s, Khodorkovsky held an influential position in Russia, but in 2005 he was sentenced to prison for economic crimes. After being pardoned in 2013, he was exiled to Switzerland. Johnny Korbela

Many wanted autographs from Putin's nemesis. Johnny Korbela

In his speech, the former oligarch urged Russians to go to the ballot box to express their will.

– We can do a lot, but the most important of these is marching to the ballot box on March 17 and expressing our will. Say we are against this authority. Go to the ballot box at 12 noon on March 17 and say no, he said.

In addition to voting, he referred to expression of opinion more broadly.

– Anyone can participate, anyone can come before these polling stations. But it is very important to show everyone that we are not Putin. Russia will be free.

Nimmari in passport

Flee Russia after the start of the war Irina Medvedeva He presented a Russian passport at the event, on which he took Khodorkovsky's signature. The passport has a message saying “Hui Voin”, which translates to “Fucking War” in Finnish.

– I was an activist in Russia and I was criminally charged, so I had to leave Russia, Medvedeva told Iltalehti.

Allegation related to sharing on social media.

– It was a warning that if I continued to go to demonstrations and do things, I would be imprisoned.

Irina Medvedeva had Khodorkovsky's signature on her passport. Johnny Korbela

The passport also contained the literal message “Hui Voin”, which translates to “Damn War”. Johnny Korbela

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Two years of full-scale terror That means two years of full-scale terror demonstrations were organized in front of Oodi, the central library in Helsinki's Kanseläister, on Sunday. In addition to Khodorkovsky, a Russian civil activist spoke at the event Anastasia ShevchenkoMEP Heidi Houdala (Green) and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Kimmo Kiljunen (SD).

Story edited on 25.2. At 10:30 p.m. he clarified Khodorkovsky's statement about the vote, which was a bit unclear in the explanation.

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