Thunder can be amazing

Over the weekend, rain and thunderstorms will surprise revelers.

Thunder in Helsinki. Stock photo. Brother Pekka Rikala

June begins with warm symptoms.

During the weekend, graduation ceremonies are usually celebrated in sunny and cloudy weather. According to Foreca’s weather blog, daytime temperatures on Saturday will range from 25-29 degrees in most parts of the country. Only the north of Lapland is slightly cooler: mostly 15-24 degrees.

Despite the heat, clouds will increase during the day, with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Foreca advises planning parties to be prepared for unexpected thunderstorms.

It is difficult to predict the locations of rainfall in advance. Foreca therefore recommends monitoring conditions using weather radar. However, rain radar only shows clouds that are already raining. In the IL Paras Sää app, you can easily find the hourly weather forecast with forecasts from three different services (Meteorological Institute, Foreca,

By evening, the weather will clear over most of the country. Thunderstorms are still possible in southern and central parts of the country during the night before Sunday.

Warm weather continues

According to Foreca, similar weather will continue from Sunday to Tuesday. The weather will be sunny in the morning and cumulus clouds will develop in the afternoon, which may lead to rain and thundershowers at places. The weather will clear in the evening. Daytime temperatures rise widely to 20-26 degrees, but the heat remains low.

On Wednesday, the weather will change as a cold front crosses Finland. According to Forca, during the second half of the week, daytime temperatures will mostly be 15-19 degrees across the country.

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