Thunder shakes Uluraini – a family’s lofty building burned and smelled of smoke Middle-Finland

Thunderstorms have turned violent in places over a large area of ​​Finland.

The rescue service was alerted to a fire in a building in Parunden Kaijanjärvi on Tuesday afternoon. However, there was no actual fire in the detached house. Photo: Niko Mannonen / Yle, Mapcreator, OpenStreetMap

Heavy rain is falling in Finland today, and in connection with this, strong thunderstorms have occurred in some places, according to the Finnish Meteorological Service.

In the afternoon, there are occasional thunderstorms over a wide area, except for the northern and central parts of Lapland and the coastal areas.

About 2,000 lightning strikes were reported in a few hours, with the number of lightning strikes expected to reach around 5,000 throughout Tuesday.

Due to rain with thunder and lightning, various rescue operations have been carried out.

For example, in Karstula in central Finland, a fire broke out in an engine room, but no major damage was done until two o’clock in the afternoon.

In central Finland, rescue services were alerted to a fire in a medium-sized building on Uurainten Kaijanjärvi Road in the afternoon.

The rescue service said in its release that when its units arrived at the site, there was no actual fire in the detached house.

According to the rescue service, the high voltage caused by the lightning entered the building’s electrical outlet through the power line, which in turn burned the structures on the floor and smelled smoke inside the building.

Rescue crews have searched the building, and utility officials are investigating the operation of the building’s power plant. Personal injuries were avoided in this situation.

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Due to lightning strikes, power outages have continued in various parts of the country.

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