Tietoevry's customer reported more than 6 million in losses – due to the consequences of a cyber attack

Swedish discount store chain Equip Reports that information system problems persist. Problems are the result of the server provider to the database Information security attack.

According to Rusta, Tietoevry cannot predict when operational disruptions will be fully resolved. The agency says that Rusta is implementing temporary solutions to minimize negative effects.

Rusta estimates lost sales in January due to the incident at 70 million kroner, or about 6.2 million euros. According to the company, the negative impact on the Ebita result was about 30 million kroner, or about 2.65 million euros.

In his announcement, Rusta opined that time is a critical factor in the seriousness of the case. As disruptions continue, the negative effects will grow on Rusta's value chain and thereby sales.

Disruptions in information systems led to problems with stores' supply chain organization and marketing campaigns, as well as using their own websites. In addition, the company's online shopping platform has not been accessible since the disruptions began, and cash register systems are less efficient than before.

Tietoevry's data center in Sweden was the target of an online attack carried out by ransomware between last Friday and Saturday night.

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