Timo Vornanen is allowed to participate in a plenary session of Parliament

According to the Secretary General of Parliament, even a suspect involved in serious crimes can act as a member of parliament. A Member of Parliament can be removed from office only if the Member of Parliament is legally sentenced to imprisonment.

Andy Beltari, Secretary General of Parliament Pete Anikari

A Member of Parliament who is suspected of having committed a crime can continue to serve in Parliament as normal unless the member's own party intervenes.

Secretary General of Parliament, former Chief of Defense Police Anti Beltari says the Member of Parliament Timo Vornanen (ps) to attend the next full session of Parliament on next Thursday.

– He says there is no principled obstacle in that.

Member of Parliament Vornanen is suspected of a crime against life and health. According to Helsinki Police, crimes will be specified as the investigation progresses.


According to Belter, an MP's conviction has no direct effect on that representative's job.

– At least this time. The party makes its own judgment, but as far as Parliament is concerned, there must be a legally binding prison sentence that can be considered later (removal of representative).

Member of Parliament Vornanen had picked up a licensed small-arms weapon in front of the Ihku restaurant in Helsinki the previous Friday night. He pointed the gun at the bystanders and fired once on the ground.

– What is the possible difference (for minor offences) should there be a statutory prison sentence?

Parliament can vote to impeach a Member of Parliament if a statutory sentence carries a conditional or unconditional term of imprisonment.

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– Beltari says no fine can be imposed for dismissal from Parliament.

A vote on the impeachment of a Member of Parliament requires a two-thirds majority vote to effectuate the impeachment if Parliament is prorogued.

A Member of Parliament can also request to resign from his office. A former Prime Minister recently did this Sanna Marin (SD), asked to resign in September due to his new duties.

Basic fins

Chairman of Basic Fins, Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps) commented on the criminal suspicions against Vornes on his X account on Saturday. He described the situation as serious.

Burra said both the party and the parliamentary committee would take “appropriate” steps, but did not specify the steps further.

– Information will be updated as the investigation progresses. Burra wrote on Saturday that the party and the parliamentary committee will act accordingly, with criminal consequences.

This is where Vornanen opened fire. Storage space for multiple surveillance cameras. Leasima below

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