To Jere Karalahti Hospital – Nanna's comment speaks

20190816, Helsinki. Sailing Across the Atlantic TV series. Pictured is Jere Karalahti.

In the arresting video, Jer is being treated.

Former hockey star Jere Karalahti He posted an arresting update from his hospital bed.

The video shows him getting a lot of help. In Jer's video, he describes hand cannulas and various treatment tools and equipment.

Jere's update also has background music. The sensationalist from the band Disturbed played it The sound of peace-paragraph. In what he wrote along with the video, he did not elaborate on the reasons or events that led to the situation.

HAt Akema, the ultimate motivation and inspiration for years to come. Knowing myself and the environment is an adventure in the deepest essence of a person, in himself and in his surroundings.Jer writes.

The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

Anyone who has never walked this path in life will not understand a word of what I am saying, but that doesn't matter (hopefully not everyone has the chance to face this). Certainly not in my wayHe continues.

In her writing, she mentioned the nursing staff and thanked people who work for others.

Enjoy every moment, every day and take care of yourself and the few people who make up your life and world.

Jere Karalathi's behavior at his mother's grave is disturbing

Jer's ex-wife has responded to his update Nanna Karalathi. He posted a comment on the video update.

– Big ❤️, Nanna reacts with a red heart emoji.

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The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

And many wanted strength and happiness under publication.

Gerr was in the headlines a month ago because of the incident on the plane and on the field.

Talking video released! Jere Karalathi's Wrath – “He Roared That He Was A National Hero”

Video: Jere Karalahti smashes his sunglasses: “Debts will be paid!”

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