Total Chaos in Georgia – Riot Police Forcefully Arrest Protesters, Attempt to Block Parliament

The controversial law was drawn up according to the Russian model.

Massive demonstrations are currently taking place in Georgia against the so-called “agent law” modeled after Russia. The Georgian parliament approved the third and final version of the law on Tuesday.

BBC: N According to demonstrators, they tried to enter the country’s parliament in Tbilisi on Tuesday, and riot police responded with force.

Those who were protesting on the spot BBC: N He accused the police of resorting to violence against the protesters. Earlier this month, the leader of the largest opposition party Eleven Kapishvili He posted a picture of his bruised face.

According to Georgia’s human rights commissioner, 22 of the total 23 protesters arrested on Tuesday faced degrading treatment by police.

In Georgia’s parliament, the debate over the law turned into a melee between the ruling party and the opposition. The confrontation in the parliament can be seen in the video.

Consideration of the controversial law in the Georgian parliament reached a fist fight. Newsflare, Reuters

According to the Georgian opposition and Western countries, the law is authoritarian and subject to Russian influence. According to the law, any company that receives more than 20 percent of its funds from abroad must register as a “foreign agent.”

On Tuesday, Georgian police blocked protesters from walking down the street near the country’s parliament. EPA/AOP

Riot police suppressed the protest. EPA/AOP

The draft law goes next to the President of the country Salome Zorabichvilin For approval. The president has announced in advance that he will use his veto power against the legislation. However, Parliament can override the President by voting again in favor of the law. This was reported by Reuters.

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin It has used similar legislation to suppress dissent and independent media.

For weeks, there have been widespread protests against the law in Georgia. The European Union, which granted the country candidate status in December, has announced that the law will block Georgia’s closer integration with the EU.

The United States, Britain, Germany, Italy and France strongly urged Georgia to drop the law. A spokesman for the Russian Kremlin Dmitry Peskov He said on Tuesday that foreign actors were interfering in Georgia’s internal affairs.

Georgian police arrested protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia on Tuesday. EPA/AOP

Watch live coverage of the protest in Georgia. Reuters

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