Traffic chaos across Finland – at least 22 trucks stuck in Vantaa

Due to inclement weather, police are urging you to stay home if you have summer tires on your car.

Winter has hit Finland widely, and there was an exceptionally high number of outdoor accidents during Friday.

Meteorological Institute According to the map, during the next 24 hours, the traffic weather downwind from Kusamo will be bad or very bad over the entire southern country.

Helsinki police tell Iltaleht that the sudden deterioration of the weather is evident in police duties. Police are yet to say the exact number of run-outs and sheet metal accidents.

– The weather deteriorated surprisingly quickly. It's certainly keeping the police busy, at least in Itavaile where it's really slippery, Helsinki police in a nutshell.

The police also had to quickly replace their own equipment on Friday evening.

– We had to change equipment on the fly, luckily some cars still had tires on them.

If your car has already had summer tires replaced, the Helsinki Police urges you to stay indoors during bad weather.

As the weather worsened, rescue operations and the police rushed in. So far, there have been road accidents and accidents in Helsinki, Vantaa, Lahti and Tampere.

22 trucks were stuck

Based on videos and pictures sent by readers, derailments have occurred in various parts of Finland. Especially on Ring III, Friday evening traffic is heavy.

22 trucks stopped at Ikea in Vantaa on Friday evening. According to readers, the roads of Ring III were icy at some places. According to the police, the work on Kehä III would have been completed by Friday evening.

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Roads are now very slippery across southern Finland. Driving on summer tires is not recommended. Länsi-Uusimaa Police also urges caution in traffic on X.

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Especially North Karelia and Kainuysi are expected to receive heavy snow, with twenty centimeters of snow in some places.

Snowfall started on Friday evening and is moving from east and southeast towards south, north and central parts of the country. The wind blows strongly in the north.

Finntraffic is urging motorists to monitor weather developments over the weekend.

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