Troops gather in eastern Finland to search for the little green men

Deputy Commander of the Karelian Regiment, Lt. Col. Ari Mata, said the job mentioned in the recruitment notification seemed special.

The so-called Little Green Men appeared in Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula before Russia invaded the region in 2014. EPA/AOP

The Occupiers' organization has assigned hunters to “local support forces” whose tasks include, among other things, searching for unidentified forces during the so-called gray phase.

The gray phase usually refers to the time before actual hostilities.

The recruitment notice seen by Iltalehti was sent to the members of the Pyhtä Sports Management Association. Pyhtää is located near Kotka.

In the recruitment notification, the contact person is mentioned as a reservation aspirant Heikki WehmaBasic Finns is also a local councilor of Pyhtä.

Vehma says he wants to send a message to Russia with the troops being installed.

– It is related to these unknown forces that appeared in the Crimea. There, Vehma says, idiots appeared on street corners with guns under their arms, and nobody could do anything.

By this he refers to the so-called little green men who appeared in Crimea in 2014.

Vehma claims that the security forces are behind the establishment of forces and that he is an ambassador.

“Looks great”

Deputy Commander of the Karelian Regiment, Lt. Col Ari Mata It states that the Finnish Defense Forces do not recognize forces operating under the name of Local Support Forces.

According to Määtä, there are important reservation and other activities of the national security organizations from the point of view of the overall national security, but the search for the little green men is not included in it.

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According to him, the post mentioned in the recruitment notification is special.

– The military national security functions are carried out by the wartime forces of the defense forces along with other authorities, police and border guard, according to their powers.

Among other things, such tasks are mentioned in the recruitment notice sent to the members of the Pyhtää Game Management Association. Screenshot

Regional security support

It is obvious that Pyhtää's recruitment notice used several false names in addition to the tasks. In an interview with Iltalehti, Heikki Wehma clarifies the name of the support forces of the Regional Security Forces.

Territorial security forces are also not a proper expression. It obviously refers to local forces, which are wartime forces used for local combat and support missions.

– Tasks of local forces include various combat tasks such as establishing forces, monitoring the area, securing targets, cooperation with other officers and actors, operations against special forces, supporting other forces operating in the area and local maintenance, Lt Col Ari Mattat. Lists.

Under normal circumstances, local forces may be deployed to assist other authorities, for example in situations of accident or storm damage. Such tasks are also listed in Pyhtä recruitment notification.

Ari Mata says that reserve and national defense systems can be of great help in normal situations. For example, he likes the Valmius25 project they started in Etelä Savo.

– Although the Finnish Defense Forces is not the primary receiving authority, the project launched in Etelä Savo is very useful from the perspective of the Finnish Defense Forces, taking into account the overall national defense structure.

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According to Määtä, it is generally good for members of the reserve district to have useful, meaningful and interesting activities that, due to their age, are no longer in the reserve forces.

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