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Closing arguments will begin on Thursday.

of America Previous President Donald Trump Closing arguments in the civil case against him in New York cannot be made, the judge ruled.

At an earlier stage, Trump himself refused from testifying in his defense.

Over the years, Trump has been accused of overstating the value of his assets to banks and insurance companies in order to get better loans and insurance. Attorney General of the State of New York Letitia James Trump is demanding $370 million in restitution to the government. Meanwhile, for Trump and his two sons, Erisille And In Donald Jr Business should be banned in the state.

Both sides will begin closing arguments in court on Thursday.

Trump And his representatives have repeatedly criticized the judge Arthur Ngoronia and chancellor james partisanship.

Judge Ngoro and Trump's legal team had an email conversation on Thursday. The judge demanded that if Trump speaks in court, he must be truthful and adhere to court-imposed limits. It described Trump's security conditions as “grossly unfair” and demanded that Trump be allowed to “talk about things that need to be talked about.”

– Take it or leave it, Engoron replied to Trump's lawyers.

As a result of the exchange, Engoron said Trump would not speak in court on Thursday because he did not agree to the conditions set for him to speak.

Trump's team has denied all allegations of fraud, saying the assessment of the assets' value was subjective and that the banks that issued the loans did not lose money. Among other things, Trump said the documents regarding his financial status were “at best and very conservative.”

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Trump has repeatedly commented on the investigation on social media, attacking President James, among other things.

about this Regarding the civil suit. Trump has been indicted in all four criminal investigations.

Federal criminal charges have been brought against Trump for trying to cling to power in the capital Washington – related to, among other things, the takeover of the House of Congress – and in Florida for taking classified documents from the White House.

In Georgia, Trump has been charged with criminal conspiracy to alter the results of the November 2020 presidential election, and in New York, with falsifying accounts related to the payment of kickbacks to a porn star.

The range of lawsuits hasn't made a dent in Trump's support, but he's a clear favorite in the November 2024 primary to choose the Republican nominee for president.

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