Trump really wants to leave NATO

John Bolton, Trump's former national security adviser, recalls that in 2018 the US was on the verge of withdrawing from NATO.

John Bolton served as national security adviser during Donald Trump's presidency. AOP

Donald Trump's goal isn't to strengthen NATO, but to justify America's withdrawal from the defense alliance, says John Bolton.

Bolton, Trump's former national security adviser, commented Politics In an interview, Trump's words gave Russia freedom to act against NATO countries that don't spend enough money on defense.

According to Finland's future president Alexander Stubb, Trump is basically right because NATO countries have an obligation to spend two percent of their GDP on defense spending. Stubb insists Trump is a transactional analyst with whom he can negotiate issues.

Bolton disagrees with Stubb. According to him, it is not about the two percent demand, but Trump's justification of the US withdrawal from the alliance – which is serious.

– I was there when he almost left [Natosta vuonna 2018]And he did not negotiate.

created a conversation

Trump responded over the weekend as “the president of a great country,” saying he would not protect them from a Russian attack if they “don't pay.”

– In fact, I will encourage them to do what they want to do, he added.

Bolton does not believe such a conversation actually took place. According to him, Trump likes to find conversations that speak to him sir And it makes him look good.

– However, that doesn't mean he doesn't believe what he's saying.

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