Turkila and Versluis win rhythm dance – why EC bronze pair still in sixth place, experts say | game

Last year, the pair challenged Julia Turkila and Matthias Versluis for European Championship bronze, and are now ahead of the Finns in the rhythm dance.

Julia Turkila and Matthias Versluis skated in the pure rhythm dance and took sixth place.

A year ago Julia to Turkey And of Matthias Versluci The European Figure Skating Home Championships faced enormous expectations, which they managed to fulfill in Espoo. The Finnish pair won bronze at the European Championships and Finland returned to the medal podium in ice dance after a gap of almost 30 years.

Turkila and Versluis are now defending EC bronze in Kaunas, Lithuania. They skated perfectly in the rhythm dance on Friday and scored 76.36. They missed their mark by 1.3 points.

Despite their success, Turkila and Versluis are in sixth place after the rhythm dance. On Saturday, the most notable free dance will be skated at points where the final ranking and EC medals will be decided.

– It was a successful whole. Some of the positions we targeted were missing from the step sequence. Due to this, technical scores were low. We did our best. Strong skating, Turkila said.

Yellen narrators Sara Hongavara And Mika Sarelainen Accordingly, the volume of ice dancing has increased compared to last year.

– Everyone has grown up. Do Finns, but in the name of truth Julia and Matthias strength is not an 80s theme. Hongawara says free dance suits them best.

Saarelainen, who works as an ice dance referee, misses Turkila and Versluis taking risks in skating. The Czechs were ahead of the Finns Natalie Dashlerova And Philip Daschler According to Saarelainen, the likes of Turkila and Versluis are not talented.

According to commentators, Turkila and Versluis were a little cautious about rhythmic dancing.

– The Czechs are not great by any means, but their ability to take risks. Dashlerova leans too far into the curve so she either survives or pulls the trigger. Saarelainen says it is in excellent condition.

Lithuanian duo Alison Reid/Saulius Ambrulevicius were thick in rhythm dancing at their EC home competition. Availability: EPA-EFE

Turkila and Versluis have never seen the excitement surrounding Turkila and Versluis as before last year's home games. Lithuanian couple Alison Reid/Salius umbrulevicius The Finnish stars are in the same situation as last year. The Lithuanians, who finished fourth last year, finished third in rhythmic dance at their home competition in Kaunas with a score of 80.73.

– Lithuanians had a tooth cavity last year. When they found out that they had a house race, they must have started hitting hard. Accuracy determined success in stages and step sequences, Honkavaara assessed.

The free dance will be contested on Saturday. Although the difference from third place is four points, Turkila and Versluis still have the potential to renew their bronze. The top two in the last games, Italy Charlene Guignard/Marco Fabri and Great Britain Lila is scared/Louise Gibson Clearly stood out from the rest.

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A year ago, Turkila and Versluis faced stiff challenge from the Lithuanians, the French (Lobareva/Brissat) and the Czechs in the EC bronze. Now in the rhythm dance, the situation changed, and these three couples were ahead of the Finns.

– Of course it's easier to pass from behind. I hope Julia and Mathias appreciate it, says Hongawara.

Yuka Orihara and Juho Brinen compete on EC ice after a four-year hiatus.

Finland's second pair Yuka Orihara/Juho Brinen is the tenth. Commentators believe Orihara and Brinen's direction will be upward in Saturday's results list.

– The most talked about free dance among the international judges this season was Yuka and Juhon. It has attracted attention. Saarelainen says people ask who they are.

The free dance competition starts at 18:30 on Saturday. Both Finnish pairs skate last in the previous group: Orihara/Brinen 20:31 and Turkila/Versluis 20:54.

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