Two explosions at an oil refinery in Russia –

The attack was carried out in the Russian city of Ryazan, which is about 500 kilometers from Ukraine.

According to the newspaper source, the operation was carried out by Ukrainian military intelligence. There is no information about the damage caused by the blast.

According to local reports, the attack took place around 3 am. Residents first heard a hum, then two explosions, Kyiv Post writes.

Several videos and pictures are circulating on social media showing the explosion at the oil refinery. For example Astra– Authenticity of videos and images distributed by Telegram channel is not confirmed.

According to the governor of Ryazan region, the air defense shot down several drones in the region. Russian officials have rarely acknowledged that Ukrainian attacks have caused material damage.

Ukraine is known to have drones with a range of more than a thousand kilometers.

Recently, Ukraine has carried out several attacks against Russian oil production facilities. Somewhat surprisingly, the United States, for example, has criticized these attacks.

Russia's oil production is a strategic and military target for Ukraine because tanks and fighter jets, for example, need fuel to move.

In addition, oil is an important commodity for Russia. The Kyiv Post writes that most of the oil produced by the Ryazan oil refinery goes to the world market.

Is the arms aid to Ukraine visible on the front?


Is the arms aid to Ukraine visible on the front?

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