Two in Special Forces leave the game: “I'm going to vomit”

In the Special Forces program, we see the descriptions again. Beware of conspiracy revelations!

Mandimai Sundberg couldn't take it anymore. Four

Special Forces– In the second episode of the show, two contestants leave the game unfinished. Competitors find the physical game conducted by the coaches to be very tough.

The influential Mandymi Sundberg was the first competitor to leave the game. He felt so bad that he couldn't eat anything in the camp. Sundberg describes fainting and vomiting, which is why she lays down while others eat breakfast.

During the fitness circuit, she quits the workout and informs the trainers that she is quitting.

– I can not. I want to stop this, he says.

– Are there others? Coach Matias Petäistö Challenge.

– In the morning, I'm really sick. It feels like vomiting. Perhaps because the body is not used to such physical strain, Sundberg cries.

Mika Parika had diarrhoea. Four

The next day, a radio host Mika Parika Quit in the middle of a game show. Parika has been talking about her stomach upset and diarrhea since the beginning of the camp.

– That's it, Parika says.

– That's it. Go, coach Petäistö replies.

– I wouldn't have done it again. I expected it to be difficult, but it was more difficult than I thought, admits Parika Special Forces– About his experience.

Special ForcesNelos and Ruvudu show on Tuesdays at 9 pm. View all program information and broadcast times on Telku.

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