Two people were shot dead in a restaurant in Järvenpää – this is the scene on Sunday morning.

The police said that both the victims have been admitted to the hospital.

The Itä-Uudenmaa Police Department reported that two people were shot dead at the Roze restaurant in Järvenpää.

– According to preliminary reports, two people have been shot dead at a restaurant in Järvenpa, police say in their release.

The police received information about the shooting just after 8 p.m.

– Police say that on Saturday evening, the police received a report through the emergency station that several shots had been fired at a restaurant located in Wardzilankatu, Järvenpa.

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According to Iltalehti's reporter who was there, police patrolled in front of the restaurant on Sunday morning. Anna Hobie

According to current reports, two people have been shot and injured. Both victims have been hospitalized.

Iltalehti's reporter visited the site on Sunday morning and said broken glass and footprints could be seen in the restaurant's courtyard, but no blood. The police were still there on Sunday morning.

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A shooting incident took place at Restaurant Roze in Järvenpää. Anna Hobie

Traces were seen in the courtyard of the restaurant. Anna Hobie

The police are investigating the course of the incident and are conducting a technical investigation at the scene.

An Iltalehti reader who passed by the restaurant at around eleven at night says that the police barred him from entering the restaurant's premises.

Iltalehti tried several times to reach the Itta-Uzima police for comment on the case, but to no avail.

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The police are asking eyewitnesses to report their observations to the police via email at [email protected].

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