Ukraine Raid by 'Killer Robots'

Ukraine is trying to reduce human activity on the front.

Suffering from a manpower shortage, Ukraine is looking for new solutions for its front line operations. An option is planned to increase the use of robotics in combat.

– Therefore, the military expert says, Ukraine's goal is to develop robots that can handle mining and demining tasks, maintenance tasks and evacuation. Emil Gastehelmi In Situation Studio.

According to the expert, one application of more advanced robotics is also considered to be using them in actual combat missions.

“Ukraine has already tried to install artillery and machine guns on such unmanned ground-based devices,” he says.

According to Gustehelmi, devices that combine artificial intelligence and robots can talk about so-called “killer robots” in the future.

Although robotics have been used in warfare since 2022, their visibility on the frontline has so far been limited. Now Ukraine's ministries plan to change this, although development will require technical know-how and resources.

– However, Ukraine does not have as many people as Russia, so solutions and reducing the burden on troops should be sought wherever possible, Gustehelmi says.

A discussion of Ukraine's weapons development can be seen in the video at the beginning of the story. Watch Tilannestudio's 85th episode in full here.

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