Ukrainian War, Day 709.

This article summarizes the most important events of the 709th day of Russia's full-scale offensive war since Friday, February 2.

  • Ukraine estimates that the war will cost Russia up to a trillion dollars.
  • Russia's Central Election Commission said dozens of supporters of Putin's rival had died.
  • More than half a million new jobs have been created in Russia's defense sector, Putin said.

“Errors found” in Putin's candidacy announcement

Russia's Central Election Commission “discovers mistakes” by former Duma deputy By Boris Nadeshtin To register as a presidential candidate for the March election.

The Election Commission has said that the signatures on behalf of Nadestein appear to be those of dead people. According to the board, dozens of signatures of the dead have been found.

Nadezhdin opposes the war in Ukraine. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Boris Natedin signs with the Central Election Commission in Moscow on January 31. EPA/AOP

The war in Ukraine could turn out to be a very costly affair for Russia

Ukrainian officials have sharply increased their estimate of the damage caused by the Russian war of aggression. According to Kiev's estimate, Russia will have to dig a hole of one trillion dollars in compensation for the destruction caused in Ukraine, the economic adviser of the Ukrainian president. By Ustenko said.

– We are not talking about their gold and foreign exchange reserves of 300-350 billion dollars. According to our estimates, we are talking about $750 billion in direct losses. When indirect losses are added to that, the number could rise to a trillion dollars, Ustenko said According to the Moscow Times.

About $300 billion worth of Russian government funds have been frozen in the West. According to experts, using them for the benefit of Ukraine is a complex legal dilemma.

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Putin: Russia has created more than half a million jobs in defense sector – “Whoever does it all the fastest wins”

– 520,000 new jobs have been created in national security in the last year and a half alone, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. This was reported by AFP news agency.

Russia has used enormous resources during its large-scale war of aggression.

– To succeed on the battlefield, we need to respond quickly and correctly to events, Putin said.

– Whoever does everything the fastest wins.

Putin commented on the issue at a political forum organized in the city of Tula.

Unemployment in Russia is at an all-time high. Many non-military sectors have suffered chronic labor shortages since Russia launched a full-scale war of aggression in February 2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about job opportunities in the defense sector on Friday. Gavriil Grigorov/Kremlin Pool, ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Russia arrested its weapons makers

Russia has arrested at least 12 top physicists for allegedly working on the country's weapons programs. All of them were accused of sedition.

Some physicists are said to have worked on hypersonic weapons. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Video: Russia destroys important Cossack monument

Russia launched an airstrike on Cossack monuments in the Kamyanka Siš National Park in the Kherson region. uutissivustu Ukrainska Pravda.

X also released a video of the blast.

If you don't see the embed, you can watch it by clicking here.

Minister of Culture and Communications of Ukraine Rostislav Karandzevin According to Russia, more than 120 monuments of national importance to Ukraine have already been damaged or destroyed.

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– Today, Russia has again attacked our tradition – it attacked Kamyanka's Chich. “This proves once again that the Russian Federation is deliberately destroying our material culture in order to destroy Ukrainians as a nation,” Karanjiev said.

– But it won't work: Russia cannot avoid punishment for its crimes, and it will be held accountable in international courts.

Russian children are taught drone technology at school

Russian school children have begun teaching drone technology, Russian state news agency Tass reported on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Includes teaching drone technology appropriate for military and industrial purposes.

Children also spend a lot of time learning technical drawing. Ability to work with blue copies required.

Drones have become one of the most important weapons in the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine shot down 11 Russian planes overnight

Reuters reported that the Ukrainian Air Force said it shot down 11 Russian drones the night before Friday.

According to the Air Force, a total of 24 drone strikes were carried out targeting critical infrastructure in the southeastern part of the country.

The President suffered power outages due to drone strikes at night Volodymyr Zelenskyin Hometown Kryvyi Rih. The city is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Romanian Defense Chief: Russia Will Not End War in Ukraine

Romanian defense chief Georgyta Vlad It called for better preparation for a possible war with Russia and warned that Russia would continue to escalate if it wins in Ukraine.

– Russia has become a problem for world order and democracy. In fact, this is Russia's war against the democratic world. Not just the war with Ukraine, Vlad said in an interview with Europa Libera Romania.

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Vlad said he believes Russia will not end the war in Ukraine.

Romanian Defense Chief Gheorghiśă Vlad last December. Robert Kement

– If Putin wins Ukraine, the next major target is Moldova. We will see tension in the Western Balkans. I firmly believe that Putin's politics will intensify in the future.

This was reported Independence of Kiev.

The International Court of Justice ruled: considers the charge of genocide at the request of Ukraine

Reuters and AFP reported that the International Court of Justice decided on Friday to deal with the genocide claim at the request of Ukraine.

Ukraine has asked a court to deal with Russia's false claim that Ukraine committed genocide in eastern Ukraine. Russia used this claim to justify its attack in February 2022. Ukraine wants the court to declare that Ukraine did not commit genocide.

– The representative of Ukraine commented that it was important for the Court to decide that Ukraine was not responsible for some of the mythical genocides that Russia falsely attributed to Ukraine. Anton Korinewitz.

Kremlin: Putin visits Turkey to discuss Ukraine war with Erdogan

Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss the war in Ukraine with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Kremlin said. This was reported by Reuters citing the Russian RIA news agency.

The presidents will discuss the conflict when Putin travels to Turkey.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who spoke to RIA on the matter, declined to say when Putin would make his trip.

A Turkish official told Reuters earlier this week that the presidents would meet on February 12.

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