Ukrainian War, Day 788

This article collects the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Sunday, April 21, 2024, the 788th day of the war.

  • Russia says it has gained control of a village near the town of Chasiv Yar.
  • The US aid package in Ukraine and Russia was taken in sharp terms.
  • Ukraine says it has damaged a pre-World War I tsarist Russian ship in Crimea.

Russia says it has liberated a village in Ukraine

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Sunday that Russian forces had taken control of the village of Bogdanivka near the town of Chasiv Yar, news agency AFP reported.

– The ministry announced that units of the southern forces had completely liberated Bogdanivka.

Bogdanivka is located less than three kilometers from Chasiv Jar. According to earlier Ukrainian reports, Russia aims to capture the city before Victory Day celebrations on May 9.

About 13,000 people lived in Chasiv Jar before the war. Most people have left the badly damaged city.

The city of Chasiv Yar has been badly destroyed. In Russia, the largest village is located less than three kilometers from the city. AOP

Adviser to Zelensky: Satisfied to hear the Russians complain

Myhailo Podoljak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, says the massive aid package approved by the US House of Representatives on Saturday will lead to “escalation” and “punishment” against Russia.

– Because of this, today we have heard with satisfaction the uncompromising complaint, hysteria and panic in the official statements of Russia, reported the Podolzhak news agency AFP.

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Russia has not accepted the support package, but has tried to downplay the importance of the roughly €55.6 billion package. According to Russia, the support drags the US deeper into the war.

– Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zakharova said serious efforts to save Zelensky's neo-Nazi regime would end in failure.

Mihailo Podoljak says the US aid package is a punishment for Russia. AOP

Ukraine says it hit a special target in Crimea

Ukraine says it has damaged a 110-year-old Russian warship in Crimea in the port of Sevastopol.

This was reported by a Ukrainian publication Kyiv Independent According to the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Navy Dmytro Pledenshuk.

According to him, the target of the missile attack was Kommuna, the oldest ship of the Russian Navy, which was launched in 1913, that is, before the First World War.

Tsarist Russia commissioned the ship in 1915.

There are no details on the damage to the vessel. Russian officials in Crimea thwarted the strike, but a small fire broke out.

The Commune was launched in St. Petersburg in due course. The ship's name at the time was Volhov. public domain

Speaker of Russian Duma furious over 60 billion aid package

Speaker of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament or Duma Vyacheslav Volodin He writes on his Telegram channel about yesterday's decision by the US House of Representatives to approve a more than $60 billion aid package for Ukraine.

– With its decision, America forces Ukraine to fight with the last Ukrainian, Volodin responded to the message. According to him, this decision will “bury” Ukraine's economy and deprive it of its future.

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The bill will next go to the US Senate for final action and then to the President To Joe Biden Must be signed.

Russian Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin took a position on the Ukraine aid package approved by the US House of Representatives from February 2022. Alexey Nikolsky/Kremlin Pool

Now: How many American tanks has Russia destroyed on the front?

Russia has destroyed five US-made M1 Abrams tanks on the front line in the past two months. The New York Times (NYT) citing its sources.

The US has sent a total of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

In addition to the destroyed tanks, at least three Abrams have been damaged since an Austrian specialist was sent to the front line earlier in the year following the war in Ukraine. Marcus Reisner told the NYT.

Using open data A member of the Oryx group According to Ukraine, it lost a total of 796 tanks during the Russian offensive that began on February 24, 2022.

Most of Ukraine's losses were Soviet-era tanks. Oryx reported that around 140 tanks given to Ukraine by NATO countries have been destroyed.

The group notes that Russia has so far lost more than 2,900 tanks during its war of illegal aggression. According to Ukraine, it would have already destroyed more than 7,000 Russian tanks.

An M1 Abrams tank training in Jordan in the fall of 2022. Explanation. EPA/AOP

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