UMK Finals has MTV –

Finland's Eurovision representative will be decided on February 10, when the final of the new music competition takes place at the Nokia Arena, Tampere.

The following artists aim to win this line of appearances:

The winner is scheduled to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden in May.

You can follow the atmosphere and twists of the finale in this article. Winner will be announced at 22:55 hrs.


22.52 Rapper performs Cha Cha Cha.

22.51 Käärijä and Erika Vikman perform their song Ruoska. The wrapper is in a baby outfit. Wigman comes down the stairs, then swings the whip!

22:45 Sara Cipola leads the situation after the international judges' points. The weightage of these points is 25 percent. The rest comes from the public.

22.42 The last points of the International Jury for the evening were awarded by Sweden. 12 points go to Jesse Margin.

22.41 Great Britain gives Windows95Man 12 points.

22.39 Slovenia gives Sara Cipola 12 points in the Käärijä jersey.

22:38 Luxembourg gives Sara Cipola 12 points.

22:36 Ukraine gives 12 points to Michael Gabriel and Nublu.

22.35 Sara Cibola scores 12 points from Spain.

22.35 Cine Sabotage takes 12 points from Armenia.

22.33 Voting is over! Seven different councils in seven different European countries voted.

22.25 Kadri Helena performs her 1979 Eurovision song I see the blue sky.

22.24 The symphony orchestra performs and plays Karija's song among others Cha cha cha.

22.18 Host Pilvi Hamalinen jokes about UMK artists.

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22.09 Host Pilvi Hamalinen sings a song as an intermission number I'll show you the sky. The song has been shelved from the UMK competition.

21.59 Windows95Man, aka Teemu Keisteri, hatches from a denim egg on stage! She is wearing a t-shirt and brown thongs. No rules! – The song also features Henry Bisbane. The audience stands!

21.54 In his performance, the sexman is attached to ropes, more precisely to a parachute. He told a press conference that he was excited as soon as the idea was presented to him.

21.46 Sarah Cipolla works impressively almost in the dark. The light goes around.

9:40 pm Michael Gabriel and Nublu perform on loud and moving speakers. They throw bills and dollar-shaped toilet paper into the crowd.

21.32 Jesse Mark's presentation is very simple, yet colorful. Phone lights wave the audience.

21.25 Cyan Gigs performs. By the way, the band was founded in 2016. At a press conference before the final broadcast, the band said it would be their last time participating in UMK. They last competed in the tournament in 2022.

21.15 Cine Sabotage will perform first. As the song progresses, the clothes get smaller.

21.11 The share of international councils is 25 percent of the vote, so the vote of the people is 75 percent.

21.04 Benjamin wowed the audience last year with the song UMK Keep it.

21.01 The finals begin! Kuma Band andBenjamin Start the evening with a group performance by singing a song exaggerated.

20.54 People are waiting impatiently for the finals to start. This video resonates in the Nokia arena of God From the winning song Hard Rock Hallelujah.

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