Underage migrants without their parents seek Finland – homeland

Migrant children headed for Finland without their parents have been arrested in Russia's Karelia, Russian media reported.

Russian Last week, migrants as young as 11 were arrested in Karelia as they tried to cross the Russian border into Finland, including Karjalainen. Karelinform news site and Russian Factor messages.

Those who came were teenagers. The media reported that they were caught by accident during a vehicle inspection. According to Factor News, the youths were from Syria, India and Iran and were on the move without parents or guardians.

Some of the youths had a Russian visa, but it expired. According to Factor News, the teenagers were told to do so because they said they deliberately waited for their visas to expire.

Without a valid visa, Russian border guards cannot allow a foreigner into the country.

According to Factor News, it is unclear how the youth ended up in Russia without their guardians.

By law, unaccompanied minors residing in Russia are taken into state protection, regardless of citizenship. They are kept at the Nadezhda Children's Center in Petrozavodsk.

Eastern border It was closed to all passenger traffic on December 15 by a government decision. With this information, the complete shutdown is valid until January 14.

Between full closures, the eastern border was opened within two days, during which time 361 asylum seekers from Russia arrived in Finland, mostly with the help and guidance of Russian authorities.

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