Union of Civil Servants Strongly Disapproves of Appointment of Arvonen, who has a Coalition background, as President of the EU Delegation | Homeland

The association criticizes Arvonen's appointment as a very exceptional and blatant act.

Jori Arvonen was appointed President of the EU delegation last Thursday. Photo: Annie Reinba / Lehtigua

The Foreign Service Officers Association criticizes the man with coalition background Jori Arvonen Appointed as Head of Delegation to the European Union. The board decided on this appointment last Thursday.

The association said in a press release that the person nominated and appointed to the post was not an official of the Ministry of External Affairs and did not fulfill the eligibility criteria defined in the Foreign Affairs Executive Order.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not been immune from political appointments in the past, but a political appointment aimed at one of Finland's largest and most important representations is a very exceptional and blatant move that must be strongly denied, the association writes in a press release. liberation

Arvonen will start as head of the EU delegation in Brussels in September. Arvonen follows in the task Mark CainaTenure from fall 2021.

Arvonen has been prime minister since last summer Peter Orbon (co.) as Under-Secretary of State responsible for EU Affairs.

Prior to this, Arvonen has worked in EU affairs, for example as Undersecretary for EU Affairs in the Office of the Council of State in 2011-21 and as Deputy Head of the EU Secretariat.

By education, Arvonen holds a master's degree in political science.

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