US Presidential Election 2024: ISTV's primary election studio teases Donald Trump's challenges

The US presidential election circus begins with the Iowa primary. Tuesday morning's most interesting question: Which Republicans will challenge Donald Trump, Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis?

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ISTV: n The Iowa Studio will have live coverage of the primary election results beginning at 8 a.m.

The broadcast's expert guest is a researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute Maria Lyndon (Nee Annala), he concluded the situation at around 9:15.

Linden Also looks at the positions of the US governing parties for the spring pre-election tour. He commented It's Donald Trump and the President Joe Biden'sA chance and a tearful fight.

Maria Linden, who is preparing her dissertation on the crisis of American democracy and election fraud, takes a stand on other heated situations of the election year, as she remembers the takeover of the Capitol three years ago and its legal processes well. Rebellion — including former President Trump — is still pending.

to the Iowa studio Available from Ilda-Sanomit's American correspondent Kirsi Jaskelinen Reporting from Des Moines, Iowa's state capital.

Correspondents Ilda-Sanom's foreign news producer Jari Alineus and Head of Content at ISTV Anti Virolinen.

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