Vanta sent a Wilma message about the Viertola school shooting

In its Wilma message, the City of Vantaa wants to remind, among other things, the disadvantages of social media.

Tuesday's school shooting at the Viardola school shocked not only the people of Vantaa in particular, but the whole of Finland. At the end of a tragic week, the city of Vanda sent an important Wilma message to the guardians.

Wierdola school shooter told police he had been bullied before. In order to prevent bullying, the City of Vantaa now says in its message that Vantaa has invested in supporting students' well-being and learning emotional and interaction skills. Schools can seek outside support to address challenging bullying situations.

The message emphasized how Tuesday's events had been discussed in all primary school classes in Wanda, and discussion support had been provided to students and staff.

In addition, the safety of schools is addressed, for example with up-to-date safety plans, which are regularly implemented.

– The safety of schools is of primary importance so that students and staff feel safe and well, the message says.

Disadvantages of some

The city of Vanda also points out the disadvantages of social media. In dealing with the crisis, it is good to discuss the fact that there is a lot of rumors and misinformation circulating on social media. In the message, both children and adults are advised to moderate social media browsing.

– However, you cannot control the content that appears on Facebook. Images, videos, rumors and extreme scenes are particularly harmful to children and young people and can give a distorted picture of events, the message reminds.

Virtola School in the picture. Mico Huisco

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