Victims lost tens of thousands of euros

Ansi Kela's identity has been used in brazen online scams.

Ansi Kela is a long-time music composer. Rosa Broger

A few years ago, musician Anzi Gela told of a woman who was the target of an online scam, and scammers took advantage of the musician's identity.

Now another girl has come to Kela's attention.

– I now know at least two victims who have gone on to pay tens of thousands of euros to these scammers. Who knows how many others have fallen into the same trap – scams are naturally made in the name of many artists and public figures.

Kela has a connection with a new victim. A previous scam used the same story.

– Both withdrawals are based on the same story: I received a shipment of gold bars for which I had to pay transportation and customs charges, but I was in the US and could not handle the matter there. . Can my new friend/loved one pay? I will return the money when I return home.

According to Kela, even though cases have been reported, it is not possible for fraudsters to be caught and held accountable for their frauds.

Asking for awareness

Kela urges its supporters to be vigilant. For example, he suggests requesting a video call if the other party's identity is in doubt. Kela reminds us that her own Instagram account is verified with a blue icon, which identifies the authenticity of the account.

– So be careful! If you received a private message from me or another public figure, it is definitely a scam. I never send messages to my followers, and I don't think any of my peers do.

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Kela concludes her writing by saying that the matter saddens her.

Ansi Kela's most popular songs include, among others Mika's Faiza BMW, 1972, Milla And in the park. Kela is a popular artist who has earned her place among Finland's most popular artists over the years.

In the video, Ansi Gela in an interview with Iltalehti in 2019.

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