Ville Beltonen commented on Leo Komaro's stupidity

The Pelicans defeated HIFK in the opening match of the quarter finals.

Leo Komarov was eliminated in the middle of the triple set. Domi Sodium / AOP

Ville Beltonen Not specified Komarov today By name, but it was clear to everyone who was being referred to at the press conference.

– In the end we lost a bit more nerve control and had to do all kinds of invincible things, said Peltonen.

– Let's learn soon – and move forward.

Komarov punched the one who fell in the snow Michael Jordan Several times to the neck area. The judges watched the situation on video and showed Vito and the final door.

There were three and a half minutes left in the game. The Pelicans scored 4-1 thanks to Komarov's shutout.

– We don't have enough quality factors and winning game. The Pelicans deserved the first tie, Beltonen summed up.

– Killed fighting in the first round. It wasn't ideal, but little by little we got a better grip on the game.

“I don't know that”

Juguri's trainer From Ollie Jogi Kärppi took a 2-1 lead which was miserable.

– Referee observer (Kärppi's) said the second goal was a clear wrong substitution. Corbett got a clear advantage out of that, he opined.

– Could we have succeeded without that goal? It is not known.

Jokinen also lamented his team's nervousness.

– Corbett was great today and deserved his win, he summed up.

– We played very nervously. Excitement won't win these games.

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