Ville Vallon's Kristel-beloved – a rare photo together!

Wille Wallo picked up Rock Emma of the Year from the Emma Gala.

The legendary rocker Ville Vallo Recognized at the Emma Gala on Saturday. He won the Rock-Emma of the year. Last year, Valo released his solo debut album, Neon Noir, which was well received at concerts.

Wille Valo poses with her model boyfriend on the Emma Gala red carpet Crystal Garhun with. The couple is rarely seen together in public. At the gala, the couple had a similar dress code: both wore dark formals to match their style.

Valo has previously spoken about the couple's life elder brother– Told them that things like journaling and conversations, card games and car rides connect them.

– Our life together is peaceful. He told Anna earlier that when you get along well with another person, doing everyday things doesn't have to be miraculous.

The couple has been together for seven years. They live together in Melati, Helsinki.

Kristel Karhu and Ville Valo pose on the gala's red carpet. AOP

Incredible success

In an interview with Iltalehti, Ville Valo spoke about how emotional it was to win the Emma Award.

– I began to think, so the first Emma came when we were freshmen with him 27 years ago. It's incredible that you're still receiving such respect, and Valo beamed that you wanted something you really wanted.

Author of Iltalethi Mari Budas He surprised the artist by asking when he would be back. Ville Valo went on to analyze the matter in front of the cameras.

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– It is very difficult to say, a coin is tossed. I asked Bassist, but he's in the healthcare industry, and that's his life's mission. Let's wait for him to launch the sled, which may take some time, the artist said.

Watch the full interview with Ville Valo in the video above.

The Emma Award warmed Ville Valo's heart. Atte Cajoa

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