Vornanen broke Ano Tertianen’s record

This week, MP Timo Wornes is featured on Political Bus Radio.

Political trash radio Podcast episode number 137 talks about the guy who got kicked out of the Basic Finns parliamentary group on Thursday. Timo from Voronezh54, who until a week ago was an unknown member of the police force in Parliament.

Now Vornanen is a member of parliament known to the entire nation for allegedly pointing a gun at people in front of a nightclub in the center of Helsinki – and firing a shot into the ground.

Political editor of Iltalethi Marko-Oskari Lehtonen, Mika Koskinen Mixed up Juha Ristamaki He spent an hour pondering the biggest news of the week from multiple angles.

Vornanen earned his name in the history books by breaking Juva’s tradition of being kicked out of the base Finns group during the last election. Ano Tertianen record in 21 days. Tertianen was a member of the team for 414 days, Vornanen for 393 days. This is also an achievement.

In the studio, we consider, among other things, why the leader of the basic Finns Rika Burralla It took this long to tell what half of Finland already knew: Vornanen didn’t enjoy his faith.

The episode also discusses why Vornanen, 54, offered drinks to young women aged 18 and 19 at a karaoke bar without telling them he was an MP and a police officer. Would saying this out loud have chased the women away and prevented the shooting?

What about Vornan’s apology? Is it real or a politician’s out of necessity, in which Vornanen apologizes for everything but his actions?

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The chapter also deals with Wornes’s future as a Member of Parliament, employment opportunities outside Parliament and the arms of Parliament.

In the Joke of the Week segment, you’ll hear a joke.

On Politics Buscaradio, Iltalehti’s political reporters review the week’s hot topics and gossip. A new chapter is published on Fridays.

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