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Currently, the train service between Tampere and Pori has been replaced by buses. Misinformation hurts stranded passengers.

In the Garku of Shastamala, the railway ditch causes many kinds of difficulties. Residents say that's how it is. Video: Juha Gokkala / in, Sunny Isomaki / in.

Shastamala, located in Birkanma, is one of the railway-side municipalities from which you cannot go anywhere by train now.

As part of the company's equipment is being repaired, VR has canceled trains and replaced trains with buses between Tampere and Pori.

Reached Vammala railway station on Thursday noon Marja Leppänen It was as angry as a wasp. He had come to Sastamala from Helsinki to visit his elderly mother.

It was only on the morning train that I found out that the journey from Tampere was by bus.

– Bus drivers do not know where and when they are going. There is no information about taxis. “No, but no” was the answer about 50 times, he lamented.

Stranded at the train station, Marja Leppänen blames misinformation. Photo: Juha Kokala / Yell

The return trip got me thinking. The Lebanese had plans to go to Tampere in the evening and then return to Helsinki.

– No one has yet been able to tell me how I can get back. Probably not at all.

He is going to go back to the railway station after seeing his mother.

– I hope the replacement bus will come here. Or I go back to the center of Saastamala and take a paid bus to Helsinki.

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Lotta Goskenemi looks at the camera in a yellow beanie and sweater.  A snowy road in the background.

Lota Koskenniemi, a refugee from Karcula, has a six-month-old baby who needs a car seat for a stroller when traveling. It's hard to squeeze it into a crowded bus. Photo: Juha Kokala / Yell

Also residing in Shastamala Garku Lotta Koskennymi It regretted the lack of clarity in the schedule of buses that replace trains.

– Especially children and special groups can't wait at the bus stop for a while, you don't know if the bus will come eventually or not.

Koskenniems moving from Helsinki to Cork don't need a daily train.

However, the current traffic situation made us consider the option of not having a permanent rail link from Gurugram.

– The tranquility of the countryside and easy connectivity to the city were the reasons for this move. The decision of the rail link will also directly affect the value of the apartments, says Lotta Koskenemi.

VR Replacement Bus at Tampere Railway Station.

Passengers in trouble

Mayor of Shastamala Georg Malberg Had to come to the meeting in Tampere today in my own car.

He was already in touch with VR over the Shastamala train issue.

– Now it is not equal, he laments that national issues are pushed to the pain of a few railway employees.

According to Malmberg, the situation showed that the product of VR was weak and information was poor.

– It should be known in advance that if there are national issues, trains especially between Pori and Tampere will be diverted and shifted to other modes.

Zarco Malberg, the mayor of Sastamala, stares intently into the camera.  A snowy city in the background.

Sastamala's mayor, Jargo Malberg, says VR communicated the train's problems to municipalities poorly and slowly. Photo: Juha Kokala / Yell

Trains are very important for commuters from Chasthamalai to both Tampere and Pori.

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Malberg's bad signal is that Shastamala will be without regular rail links till mid-March.

He says he wants to have early talks with VR about whether it is possible to leave only a portion of the trains inoperative or at least maintain a smooth flow of commuter traffic.

Also Regional Inspector Timo Aro writes in his column Satagunda, Kansas, How shocking that VR did not discuss a complete transport model with operators in the area beforehand. According to Arrow, no responsible private company of similar size can operate like VR right now.

VR will find out whether trains will be available for service between Tampere and Pori before the eleventh of March.

– Of course VR will do everything to find solutions, says Jargo Malberg.

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