Was Russia’s brutal attack wrong? This is expert opinion

According to the expert, the attack can be considered deliberate.

At least 37 people were killed and more than 170 injured in a series of missile attacks by Russia around Ukraine on Monday, in particular, an attack on Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital that was widely condemned. War expert of Iltalethi Emil Gastehelmi Answer the obvious questions about Monday’s attack in this story.

1. Did Russia launch a deliberate attack?

Kastehelmi says most of the missiles that hit Kyiv fell on an industrial complex located about a kilometer away. However, according to him, there is reason to believe that the attack was deliberate. The Russian missile hit its target directly and was not shot down by Ukrainian air defenses.

– The children’s hospital was clearly not the main target, but it can still be assumed that the Russians deliberately hit it at the same time. It is easy for Russia to claim anything in this context, but Russia is known to have deliberately bombed civilian hospitals in the Ukraine and especially in Syria before.

The hospital was functioning when the attack took place. AOP

2. What does Russia aim for with the strike?

NATO is holding a summit in Washington this week, according to Kastehelme, and the timing of the attack could in principle be relevant. Basically, however, attacks on civilians are aimed at instilling fear.

– In a certain way, the attacks are able to show that Ukrainians are not safe anywhere, even your child with cancer is far from the front line.

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3. Did the Ukrainian air defenses fail?

Ukraine reported intercepting several missiles during yesterday’s attack, but according to Gustehelmi, the numbers reported by Ukraine may have been exaggerated. However, in reality, Ukraine’s biggest problem is that it does not have enough anti-aircraft aircraft to protect all targets.

– Some missiles will inevitably get through air defenses, which has been Ukraine’s message throughout the war, meaning an advanced anti-aircraft missile system is needed to combat increasingly powerful Russian missiles.

The lack of air defense puts Ukraine in a difficult situation, as it has to prioritize defense against Russian missile attacks.

– There is a limited amount of resources, and at the same time you have to protect a large number of cities with different targets, such as hospitals, energy production facilities or factories and airports of military importance.

Apart from Kiev, attacks took place across the country. Reuters

4. Will this affect Ukraine’s support at the NATO summit?

Ukraine was once again one of the main themes at this week’s NATO summit. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He will repeat his insistence that Ukraine needs more air defense capabilities.

– Monday’s attack has put Russia’s attacks back in the spotlight, and Ukraine now has a clear example it can point to when asked about anti-aircraft capabilities.

Discussions will also come about the possibility of Ukraine striking deep into Russian soil with Western weapons. According to Gustehelmi, deterring attacks like Monday’s would not be successful, even if Ukraine were to allow its long-range weapons to be used without restrictions. The air bases from which Russia launches strikes with long-range cruise missiles are far away.

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5. Is the strike wrong?

According to Gustehelmi, it is difficult to find a reasonable explanation for attacks on civilian targets such as hospitals.

– It is strange that people in Russia still believe in the power of terror, because historically it did not exist, and in this war, it did not prove to be an effective way to destroy the defender’s will to fight.

Possible additional support to be decided at the NATO summit does not change the big picture from Russia’s point of view.

– Even if Ukraine gets some more anti-aircraft missiles or batteries, Russia can produce enough missiles.

The Russian attack was strongly condemned. EPA/AOP

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