Water is dry, wages are not paid, sanitation is not good…

According to the employee and social media manager, Himos Winterfest went poorly behind the scenes.

The winterfest organized at Himoz, Jamza, has become the center of a lot of controversies due to its dubious arrangements. Since Friday, Iltalehti has been reporting the cancellation of concerts by favorite artists, cheating in arrangements and the fact that festivals are not held because of paying audiences.

The employee speaks

Iltalehti reached a Jyväskylä resident Carolina, who went to the festival with a friend as a volunteer, was shocked by what he saw. First, he promised that if he goes to work one day, he can celebrate the festival the next day.

One night at the festivals made him realize that he didn't want to go there for free the next year either.

– Apparently there weren't enough volunteers, so it was suggested to us that if we volunteered for two days, we could come to the festival next year for free.

According to him, the event organizer communicated the changes till the last drop. When Carolina arrived on Friday, no one was there.

– The person in charge did not greet us when he went there to pick up the chuji. We went to work on our own in the service area. We were in that drinking session from 5 to 10 pm. There are no breaks, no one cares if you take a break or get water, says Carolina.

Himos Winterfest was organized on 15-16. March. Reader's photo

There is not much water in the area. It was a great shock to him.

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– Water scarcity was a major concern. When people came to the counter, they had to say it was not available. Other drinks on the list were not brought to the venue.

– Some drinks ran out in good time. Disheartened by this, I was upset that I did not have water to give to the customers.

According to Carolina, you won't be able to get much water or non-alcoholic drinks from the festival grounds, instead soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as energy drinks, have been brought into the venue.

– It was strange that someone on Himos Winterfest's Instagram asked in advance if they could bring a water bottle to the area. We were told that there is no water point to fill your own bottle, but you can buy water bottles. But there were only a few funny water bottle packs and no water for the rest of the evening.

Due to the limited number of pajamas, visits to the toilet are messy.

– People had to queue for pajamas. No hand sanitizer there either. There is no sanitation. I don't know if anyone cleans those toilets, that kind of comment came to the serving counter, he says.

Carolina says she is particularly concerned about the experiences of younger people from Dalgoo.

– I gave feedback to the WhatsApp group of our talk group so that even younger people from Talkoo would dare to talk. We no longer go to Dalgo on Saturdays because my friend and I do not believe that things will change overnight.

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Person responsible for social media accounts

The designer who collaborated on the show Jonah Hellman and social media manager of the event Nia Nap They spoke out on Instagram on Sunday.

Knapp revealed on Hellman's Live that there were lapses in communication and organization of the event before the weekend.

According to the community manager, the event's social media users have already received a lot of questions about practical issues. Questions related to, among other things, what the address of the event is or whether there is a bar at the venue. Artists also communicated through social media about the changed show time.

Jonah Hellman is a popular social media star. Stock photo. Pete Anikari

According to Knapp, customer service is not part of his job description, and questions were not answered on behalf of festival organizers.

– Every time I opened the phone, I was very worried, Knapp said.

Knapp says a customer saw a message inquiring about a table they had reserved. The customer said he paid 200 euros for the table, but did not confirm this. Later, the messages show that the table is not available for the customer.

Knapp says in the video that he has yet to receive his own salary.

– I didn't get paid. It became clear that I would not get paid. I came to this live (to share my experience). I thought that I would not even get paid and come in person to be on the side of history.

Helman and Michael Renwall, a designer who participated in Live, say they didn't get all the benefits they were promised from their work.

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Iltalehti contacted the organizer of the event Kim adjustedBut he declined to comment on the allegations.

Nea Knapp is also making a career out of social media. Stock photo. Pink Brazier

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