“We must prepare for a more severe impact”

On Tuesday, the National Security Police opened Finland's terror threat assessment and the threat from Russia.

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Russia is still Finland's biggest security threat. According to security police, there is no change in sight.

According to Subo, Russia is trying to influence Finland in several ways in the short and long term.

– The change is complete and permanent. For Russia, there is no going back. We must prepare for a more severe and malicious influence, acting chief of security police Thimu Durunen Subo said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Russia targets Finland with several types of threats. Although the risk remains high, Supo does not consider a massive and crippling attack on Russia's critical infrastructure likely in the near future.

In its report, the security police highlighted the increased threats related to the cyber world and critical infrastructure. Subo says that instrumentalized immigration, i.e. the situation on the eastern border, is an easy way for Russia to keep Finland on its toes.

Last year, Supo weakened Russia's chances of operating in Finland. This was achieved through counter-intelligence, the deportation of intelligence officers and a strict visa policy. However, the threat level has not decreased since last year.

Subo reminds us, however, that Russia's main focus in the future will be elsewhere than Finland. It still doesn't mean that Russia isn't targeting Finland with various actions and harassment efforts.

Terrorism threat “increased”

Finland has a terror threat level of two, meaning “increased”. Same as a year ago. Radical Islamist and far-right groups pose the biggest terrorist threat.

The threat of Islamic terrorist attacks has increased in Europe over the past year. This is due to the enmity between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and the burning of Korans across Europe inciting Muslims.

Acting Director of Security Police spoke on the occasion. Chairman Teemu Turunen, Assistant Manager Joanna Turunen and Special Inspector Peter Lalu.

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