What kind of danger is China now?

China's risks to investors and companies have grown at the same time as China has become the West's strongest adversary, though it is still a partner and competitor.

This is what the experts at Markinard rate.

The Chinese threat is present in the US, but it has come across strongly in Europe and in speeches by leaders of major companies here, says one private investor. Karo Hamalinen.

“In recent years the image of menace has started to dominate,” he says on Markinarathy.

Has Chinese money become toxic and is China at risk of collapse? Watch the entire China debate in the attached video.

Danish Bank Chief Inspector Minna Kusisto China sees China as a more obvious enemy than Europe. According to Gusisto, the EU still strives for a constructive dialogue with China and still emphasizes economic cooperation, although efforts are being made to reduce critical dependencies.

“There is a big difference between the EU's and the US's point of view,” Kusisto says and recalls that China is still an important partner for many Western companies.

Actian Investment Manager Samu Long Listed companies consider China risks to primarily come from growth opportunities. The chronic woes of the real estate sector are holding back China's growth and slowing investment. He says the prospects for Western companies in China are weaker now than they have been for some time.

Kusisto points out that China risks vary greatly among different companies, for example, depending on whether China is a core market area or a manufacturing location. He believes that companies that have concentrated production in China are now genuinely considering whether it makes sense to move production elsewhere or to expand their supplier network.

“If China is a major market area, it should be dismissed as too expensive.”

For example, an elevator and escalator company machine A quarter of the revenue comes from China. Hamelainen points out that the China risk is reflected in Cohn's figures and share price.

“Yes, these are also priced,” says Hamalinen.

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