Who attacked Moscow? An expert from a Swedish newspaper: These are the options

The expert posits three possible factors.

There are at least three plausible possibilities as to who is behind the terrorist attack in Moscow.

This is what a terrorism analyst says Hans Brown To a Swede In Aftonblade.

Brun mentions jihadists as the first possibility. According to him, behind the attack could be, for example, a group of Chechen separatists who hate Russia.

– Isis may also be trying to make itself known in Russia, Brun says.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The organization has released video footage of the attack.

A justifier of mobilization?

According to the expert, another option is called the “false flag” function.

– This means an action by the Russian authorities, perhaps to gain justification for a large mobilization. This has happened before, says Brun.

The reporter asks the researcher if there is alternative credibility.

– Would Russia really launch such a massive attack against its own citizens? asks the reporter.

Brune says it's possible.

– It sounds terrible, but at the beginning of the century we saw a series of such attacks. Bombings were carried out targeting rented accommodation, where many Russian civilians were killed. – – There were few visible signs that the Russian security service was behind them (the attacks), Brun says.

– But you have to keep an open mind. Jihadis may also be behind (Friday's attack).

Danger to Ukraine

The researcher cites Ukraine as a third possible factor.

Russia tried to shift responsibility for the attack in the direction of Ukraine. For example, Russia has said that those involved in the attack tried to flee to Ukraine.

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Brune sees Ukraine as the most unlikely factor.

– They have the most to lose in such an attack. Brune says the West and those supporting Ukraine militarily disagree.

– I will focus my energies on suspecting jihadists or, unfortunately, the Russian security services. But the researcher says it is too early to conclude anything.

– A fourth, completely unknown factor is certainly possible.

At least 133 people were killed and dozens injured in a terrorist attack in the Moscow region on Friday. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

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