Windows95man and Henri Piispanen get confused at the start of the Eurovision Song Contest: “Lord God”

Eurovision launched on the turquoise carpet.

The opening ceremony of Eurovision will take place on Sunday 5 May in Malmö, Sweden. The event opened in the afternoon with the traditional Turquoise Carpet where the artists introduced themselves to the fans.

Finland’s Eurovision representative Windows95man and singer Henri Piispanen came on the carpet for an interview halfway through the event.

The men arrived on a turquoise carpet inside a denim egg with their backup dancers, keeping only their feet outside the egg. The background dancers lifted the eggshell into the air and the musicians stood straight up from the egg.

– My God, this is crazy. Big jeans egg, presenter Electricity Updated when he saw the entry.

The host complimented Windows96man’s shorts, saying they were perfect for Malmö’s hot weather.

– It’s very hot here. Isn’t it a bit warmer here than in Finland?

– Everything is always better here in Sweden, Windosw95man joked.

Without rules First child of Windows95man. The host asked Windows95man if he planned to make more music.

– I do not know. No rules, Windows95man replied.

After this, the delegates went to pose on the turquoise carpeted photo wall. The dancers opened the egg this time in front of the cameramen. This time when Windows95man and Piispanen exited the egg, white smoke came out of the egg.

See what the rapture looked like below!

Windows95man and Henri Piispanen were selected as Finland’s wise representatives in the new music competition organized at the beginning of the year. The name of the Finnish verse Without rules.

Finland was represented last year by his song Käärijä Cha cha cha. The competition will be held in Sweden this year as Loreen from Sweden won the competition.

The Finnish delegation is currently on a tournament tour in Sweden. EPA/AOP

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