World Cup Semi-Finals: Young Lions Meet America – Ice Hockey

Sweden was in the quarter finals. The young Lions face a huge challenge in the semi-finals.


Ice hockey The semi-final teams of the Junior World Championships are clear.

Nuret Lejonet advanced to the semi-finals with a 4-3 overtime win over Slovakia on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Finland faces the United States in the World Cup semifinals, which beat Latvia 7-2 in the quarterfinals.

The United States, who topped the Games, have left a formidable mark on the World Cup. The Yankee team has won all 5 matches played in this tournament, scoring a total of 36 goals and giving up 11 goals.

in another Sweden and Czech Republic will meet in the semi-final.

Host nation Sweden is in deep trouble against Switzerland on Tuesday night. Sweden avoided World Cup disaster with a 3-2 win in extra time.

Sweden's goalkeeper Hugo Hevelt scored his first goals in the match against Switzerland. Hevelitt, 20, kept a clean sheet in his first two games.

Sweden took a two-goal lead in the opening game, but then fell behind against Switzerland. Switzerland scored first at the end of the second period.

The Junior Cronorna rebound was well fired from the goal.

Switzerland pressed furiously in the third set and leveled in the middle of the set Nick Miles With a line shot.

In an even situation, Switzerland had a great chance to take an immediate lead as Sweden missed a penalty. However, Switzerland's superiority remained.

Sweden got the upper hand less than two minutes from the end, with goal-scoring Maile picking up a completely unnecessary suspension for hooting after the whistle. Sweden's superiority was modest.

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Sweden struck again midway through ten minutes of added time. Sweden was spared the agony Axel Sandin-BellicaScored Sweden's winning goal at 65:22 with high power.

In Scandinavia In the quarter-final played earlier, a Zitki was spotted.

Quartz pulled off the biggest surprise of the day as the Czech Republic beat Canada 3-2 with a dramatic last-second winning shot.

The Czech Republic stunned Canada in the quarterfinals.

semi-final pairs Determined by ranking, this is the result of initial group success.

The USA won Group B with 11 points, their best win in the preliminary group stage. The second best place in the rankings is Sweden, who won Group A with 10 points.

Both the Czech Republic and Finland finished third in their groups, but the Czech Republic was ranked higher than Finland, as the Czech Republic collected seven points from the first group. Finland's draw was five points.

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