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World Rally Poland 27.–30.6.

The: 9.15 to EKs 9–15

They are: 9.45 to EKs 16–19

All live streaming on MTV Max and MTV Katsomo In the 2024 season.

Overall situation after EK 11/19:

Location: Driver: For: Regression:
1. Kalle Rowanbere Toyota 1.29:37,5
2. Elfin Evans Toyota +0,1
3. Andreas Mikkelsen Hyundai +2,2
4. Adrian Formax M-Sport +15,7
5. Martin Cesc M-Sport* +29,2
6. Thierry Neuville Hyundai +46,4
7. Gregor Munster M-Sport +54,9
8. Takamoto Katsuda Toyota +1:05,5
xx. Thanks there Hyundai +1.09:51,2

* The sex car does not have a hybrid unit.

Saturday Program:

At 2:25 p.m EK12 Mikolajki Stadium 3 – 2.50 km
At 17:00 EK13 Swietajno 2 – 18.50 km
At 6:15 p.m EK14 COLTOP 2 – 19.90 Km
7:05 p.m EK15 Czarne 2 – 22.40 km


EK11 Czarne 1 – 22.40 km

Location: driver: For: Regression:
1. Andreas Mikkelsen Hyundai 10:53,8
2. Elfin Evans Toyota +1,1
3. Kalle Rowanbere Toyota +2,4
4. Adrian Formax M-Sport +3,2
5. Thanks there Hyundai +4,1
6. Thierry Neuville Hyundai +7,7
7. Martin Cesc M-Sport* +7,8
8. Gregor Munster M-Sport +10,9
9. Takamoto Katsuda Toyota +13,2

* The sex car does not have a hybrid unit.

12:26 pm: Here are Rowanbera’s sobering comments at the end of the clip:

Kalle Rowanbere can breathe a sigh of relief: "It's scary"


Kalle Rowanbera could breathe a sigh of relief: “It’s scary”

12:24 pm: Mickelson’s massive counter strike! He’s making bases, and the top three can now match in under 2.2 seconds!

– The pace is fast and we are trying hard. I brought the gas down. I drove the last few corners a little cautiously. Those are the places where I took my foot off the gas.

12:22 pm: Evans is 1.3 seconds faster than Rowanber and 0.1 seconds behind his teammate! And confusion makes me laugh.

– I don’t think it will be enough. I was a bit squeamish in a few places, especially towards the end.

12:18 PM: As it is, Rovanperä is 0.8 seconds faster than Fourmaux at the end.

– Shit. This is not enough. Must have been too fast. Fortunately, this loop is now complete. Driving for the first time with this product is scary again. I don’t like it at all. All the time in fifth gear, I can’t remember places.

12:16 PM: Rovanperä drives 2.5 seconds faster than Fourmaux from 12.92 kilometers to 16.8 kilometers! He is now a tenth ahead of the Frenchman.

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12:15 PM: Rovanperä is a few seconds behind Fourmaux. Accordingly, Mickelson is counter-attacking. Norway is 1.5 seconds ahead of Finn in the first gap…

12:13 PM: Fourmax can beat Tanak’s time. The difference is 0.9 seconds.

– This is a truly insane piece. Gas down everywhere. Big but crazy. Really serious. High heart rate.

12:07 pm: Newville lost to Dannock by 3.6 seconds.

– I drive hard, but it is very difficult to determine how hard you can push. There is no reason to take unnecessary risks. We went to bed once, but it was because of the music.

12:04 pm: Katsuda’s troubles continue. Now the conditions were right, but the notes weren’t. A loss for Tänak would be 9.1.

12:01 am: Tänak at the finish line. Currently back in the division on 12 points and doing valuable work heading into tomorrow.

– I’m trying to get used to the rhythm. I didn’t get any kilometers under my belt yesterday. They have to get used to it.

At 11:59 am: Katsuta was no match for Tanak’s speed. This time, even Neuville will have a bit of Estonia in the gaps.

At 11:49 am: Thanks for the ride.

11:42 am: Departure time today is also said to be 11:49.

EK10 Support 1 – 19.90 km

Location: Driver: For: Regression:
1. Kalle Rowanbere Toyota 9:33,9
2. Elfin Evans Toyota +0,3
3. Thierry Neuville Hyundai +3,9
4. Thanks there Hyundai +4,4
5. Andreas Mikkelsen Hyundai +5,1
6. Adrian Formax M-Sport +5,7
7. Martin Cesc M-Sport* +8,5
8. Gregor Munster M-Sport +11,6
9. Takamoto Katsuda Toyota +13,3

* Operates without sex hybrid unit.

At 11:36 am: Mikkelsen dropped to third overall, 5.1 seconds behind Rovanperä. Toyota now has a double lead!

11:33 am: Evans is 0.3 seconds behind Rowanbera. Mickelsen, on the other hand, is several seconds behind, meaning Rowanbere will rise to the top of the rally!

At 11:30 am: Rovanperä takes the link again at the time below! 3.9 seconds below Neuville’s time. Evans was four-tenths behind.

– I tried to stay on the road. And I couldn’t always do that. I misremembered a brake. Nothing dramatic, but I did go on the lawn a bit. It is very difficult. I like to drive at a decent pace, but I can’t push normally. I want to be very fast.

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11:25 am: Fourmax is 1.8 seconds behind Neuville. However, the difference in overall standings is still safe, totaling 26.2 seconds.

– I had problems with notes, says Fourmaux.

11:20 am: Newville moved up to sixth overall ahead of Munster. Munster is 7.2 seconds behind.

At 11:17 am: Neuville shortens Tänak’s quote by 0.5 seconds.

– There was more cleaning than the previous clip. I had a lot of fights with the car. I changed some changes and this is not correct.

11:16 am: Katsuda is again 8.9 seconds behind Tanak. The answer will be given in the interview.

– I can’t hear you, but my driving was very bad.

11:15 am: In an interview with MTV Urheilu, World Series event director Simon Larkin commented on repeated EC interruptions.

WC rally boss frustrated with fans: "They don't even follow the directions of the police"


WC rally boss frustrated with fans: “They don’t even follow police instructions”

11:13 am: Tänak at the finish line. The speed is really good. He leads both Katsuda and Munster in the splits, just ahead of Newville.

At 11:02 am: Thanks for the ride.

At 10:52 am: EK10 starts at 11:02.

At 10:42 am: Delaying the previous clip moves the start of this egg.

EK9 Swietajno 1 – 18.50 km

Location: Driver: For: Regression:
1. Kalle Rowanbere Toyota 9:21,9
2. Elfin Evans Toyota +0,9
3. Andreas Mikkelsen Hyundai +1,3
4. Adrian Formax M-Sport +3,5
5. Thanks there Hyundai +8,0
6. Thierry Neuville Hyundai +9,2
7. Martin Cesc M-Sport* +9,4
8. Takamoto Katsuda Toyota +10,9
9. Gregor Munster M-Sport +15,3

* The sex car does not have a hybrid unit.

10:31 am: Bottoms for Rowaberta! Evans is 0.9 seconds behind and Mickelson is 1.3 seconds behind. The overall situation tightens, and Rowanbere is now only 0.5 seconds away from Norway.

At 10:24 am: Rovanperä takes the oath at the time below! He was 3.5 seconds faster than Fourmaux, who had driven the division a moment earlier.

10:15 am: Munster is 7.3 seconds behind Tanak’s time. After a long wait with cold brakes and cold tires he had to go to rest.

At 10:06 am: Now let’s go again. Munster for short.

At 10:04 am: M-Sport team manager Richard Milner strongly appeals to viewers on the live telecast.

At 9:59 am: Drivers get out of their cars and chat good-naturedly before the departure point. Kajeta Kajetanowicz’s carter Maciej Szczepaniak tells the other drivers about the Polish character:

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– In other countries, other visitors imprison visitors who misbehave, but here everyone behaves badly.

At 9:51 am: Hyundai uses all means. The drivers yesterday appealed to the audience in English, and now they are already speaking Polish.

At 9:48 am: Of the six clips that were played yesterday, two were canceled and the third was interrupted. All this is due to the behavior of the audience. The rally won’t return to the World Series schedule for a while…

At 9:46 am: Neuville at the finish line. He is 1.2 seconds behind Tanak.

– Very well. Not too bad. You can always be a bit fast, but this is a new track, so I followed my cues and we drove cleanly. Let’s see if we can make it to fifth place today. It will be a good result.

In this situation, no one is trapped.

9:45 am: After Neuville, no one was allowed to play. Someone is in the wrong place again when this clip is interrupted.

At 9:43 am: Katsuda is 2.9 seconds behind Tanak.

– I feel better than yesterday. I have to get used to this and improve. It’s slippery. The difference compared to yesterday is huge.

At 9:40 am: Tänak at the finish line.

– Funny clip. I expected the road to be wet, but it has dried out, so loose gravel will suffice. Glad I was able to drive even a fraction.

Tänak leads both Katsuta and Neuville in the splits.

At 9:33 am: The road surface seems to be a little wet in the morning, so at least initially, the starting points at the top end are not necessarily muddy.

At 9:30 am: Then we go. Thanak hits the ground.

At 9:26 am: Tanak, who stopped yesterday in the first category, will return to the track today, but the day will most likely be a ride for the Estonian, as he will ride first in the entire group. Newville, the World Series leader, is not a great starting point as he rounds the standings in third place.

9:20 am: good morning! This is the start of the second full driving day of the rally, at the end of which the first points will be awarded. The top five are matched within 7.7 seconds, so there is a very interesting battle for the forward points.

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