Wow, what a crazy F1 race! Shame on Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen eventually won, but the race was anything but boring. AOP

Canadian GP

1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull

2. Lando Norris, McLaren

3. George Russell, Mercedes

4. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

5. Oscar Piastri, McLaren

6. Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin

7. Lance Stroll, Aston Martin

8. Daniel Ricciardo, RB

9. Pierre Casely, Alpine

10. Esteban Ocon, Alpine

…13. Valtteri Bottas, Saber

Max Verstappen Won a very eventful Canadian GP.

This time victory did not come easily. The Dutchman had to contend with Mercedes George Russell That’s McLaren Lando Norisia Seriously. Each of these three was chosen as a winner in a race in changing climates.

The match started in very wet conditions. Russell led the start of the race, starting from pole, but as the track dried, McLaren driver Norris took over.

Norris, who had led by more than ten seconds, suffered from a safety car called in the pits this time. Logan Sgt Get stuck again.

The other leading drivers had to change to new intermediate tires, while Norris drove an extra lap behind the safety car. From the pit, he returned to the track in third place.

After a light rain, the trail dried quickly. Drivers used slicks on different laps. Norris continued on the trail for a long time. The risk had to pay off, but Verstappen had time before the button.

After the last safety car, Verstappen, who complained about his car’s driving, was able to pull away from his pursuers as the McLarens and Mercedes collided with each other.

Russell was at the center of events. At first he fought several rounds Oscar Piastrea vs. Lewis Hamilton A small skid led to the final stage of the race.

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Russell didn’t bow in the pictures, but he surprised his teammates with a nice pass. As a result, Hamilton was humbled at his favorite track and had to settle for fourth place.

It was Verstappen’s sixth win of the season. Russell, on the other hand, scored his first podium finish of the season for Mercedes.

The Ferrari disaster

For Ferrari, the race, or indeed the entire race weekend, was an absolute disaster.

After yesterday’s time trial disappointment, the men departed from neutral Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz Didn’t see the checked flag. Leclerc had mechanical problems and Sainz spun and led Alex Albonin As we go.

It started from the pit Valtteri Bottas Finishing 13th, Sauber tried to make their car better in the race conditions, but the team should have taken a cue from Haas.

Kevin Magnussen And Nico Hulkenberg They actually flew with rain tires at the start of the race. Everyone else opted for intermediate tires. The choice of tires quickly puts Haas drivers in good stead.

However, the cars eventually dropped out of the points as the weather dried out and Magnussen’s bad tire changed.

Perez Dunaroy, that’s all

The eventful race featured plenty of speed and dangerous conditions. There were enough events for almost every round.

Sergio Perez Do not remember this breed very hot. The Mexican “celebrated” his new contract extension by driving like hell.

Yesterday’s Q1 Qualifier was a start. In the race, he crashed on the first lap. Then, he rear-ends his Red Bull right into the wall in New Hope. There was another blockage in the pipeline ahead.

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Verstappen extended his points lead at the top of the World Series. The team needs Perez’s help this season in the Manufacturers’ World Series.

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The Canadian GP started in full rain. After that, the track dried up, but the drama increased. AOP

The lead changed several times in the early stages of the race. AOP

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