Yle: Yö Group and Jussi Hakulinan’s dispute comes to an agreement

About four years ago, Jussi Häkulinen had the great hits he created for bands like Yö. Swan song And Love is white as snow Stay away from streaming services. In the background, Hakulinen, who was very strict about his copyrights, had a strained relationship with the band Yö and the record label. According to Hakulinen, the copyright information of the songs was not properly marked, and according to him, the band had no rights to them.

According to Yle The dispute has now been resolved and the songs can be found on streaming services again. Mikko Kangasjärvi Yle, the night’s pianist and a longtime member of the current line-up, said the band agreed with the heirs of Hakulinen, who passed away in 2022, as holders of the singer-songwriter rights. changed.

“With Lindholm and Hakulinen not here, we handled things through open cooperation with the successors”, Kangasjärvi Yle says And says that the successors think about things differently than Hakulinan.

“They represent a different generation and streaming is where music is sold these days.”

the night tour this summer Back to the party platforms. Replacing singer and founding member Olli Lindholm, who passed away in 2019, JP Leppäluoto, who was seen as a guest singer at Yö’s 40th anniversary concert, will front the band.

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