Ylen Jouko Jokinen wrote a rude description of Sanna Ukola for readers – “Those are personal things”.

Yle’s Editor-in-Chief of News and Current Affairs Jouko Jokinen did not dispute the authenticity of the email message shared by Sanna Ukola.

supplier Channa Ukola Yle’s editor-in-chief made a strong claim during Thursday’s Yle debate Juko Jokinen About email message in Spring 2023. Ukola posted an image of the email allegedly attached to his message.

– I received an e-mail from a reader who said that he had reached out to Yle’s editor-in-chief. According to the reader, the principal responded in an outrageous manner, defaming me, Ukola wrote.

Ukola refers to his article published in Iltalethi on March 2, 2023, in which he criticized the high visibility of drugs in Yle’s programs.

Yle’s editor-in-chief of news and current affairs, pictured in the news Juko Jokinen “Sanna Ukola’s writings are so illusory that he must have had a personal experience of the expansion of consciousness,” he replies to the reader.

If you don’t see the embed, you can From here.

Iltalethi reached out to Jokinen for comment on the news in question. Jokinen said he had seen Ukola’s publication. He did not dispute the authenticity of the email.

– I will not comment on private messages in any way. They are private matters and do not belong to the public in any way. Nothing to comment, Jokinen replied briefly.

Ukola noted in his message that there were no factual errors in the passage.

Ukola’s post has received over a hundred comments and over a thousand likes. In the comment department, Yle’s former journalists marveled at Jokinen’s connection Challah Bhajanen And Matti Viratanen.

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Earlier Thursday, Ukola criticized Yle’s diversity training in his article.

Next to the column, members of parliament from the base Finns sit on Yle’s supervisory board Jari Ronkainen, Teemu Middle Series, Jana Strandman And Joachim Vigilius Request an explanation of Yle’s use of cash and diversity training.

Sanna Ukola’s article published in Iltalethi on Thursday has sparked many discussions. Pete Anikari

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