You can get scabies from all these places

Itchy plague is spreading in Finland. THL's Chief Medical Officer tells you where you are most likely to get infected.

The female scabies excavates a passage under the skin where it lives and lays its eggs. AOP

Syphilis diagnoses are growing explosively in Finland.

The reason can often come from a loved one.

Even one female tick is enough to cause scabies. However, a short touch is usually not enough. Scabies is spread through prolonged contact.

Infections usually occur between family members and sexual partners. Scabies is spread through skin-to-skin contact, shared bedding, or clothing.

– For example, the risk of shaking hands or hugging is minimal, says the head doctor of THL. Leaf feast.

– Scabies requires frequent, close contact.

Worried about a new outfit? Wash and keep

In addition to the family circle, scabies can spread through, for example, a daycare center or care facility.

According to Lagoma, there is no need to fear contracting scabies on public transport, at the gym, at the masseuse or at the hotel.

– The scabies mite lives on textiles for a maximum of three days, while on other surfaces it dies quickly, says Lagoma.

– Flea market clothes should not contain live ticks, but if you are concerned, you can wash the clothes at 60 degrees. The temperature is sufficient to kill the ticks.

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